Update: Interdisciplinary Award Program Winners for 2019

  • Darren Defrain and Aaron Rodriguiz - Graphic Narrative Coding and Accessibility
  • Kara McClusky, Gary Brooking, Stan Longhofer, Steve Farmer – Facilities Management concentration

Develop an award-winning program


In order to advance WSU’s Strategic Plan and SEM plan, President Bardo is announcing a competition open to all members of the university community to propose new interdisciplinary certificates, minors, honors tracks, undergraduate, mini-Masters, or Masters programs that will be in high demand and that are focused on addressing the future needs of our students and the community.  There is no preferred subject.  This is an opportunity to dream: what programs will attract new students and will make the biggest difference to the people of the region and Kansas? 

Gather Your Team

  • October 31: Proposals due
  • November 26-29: Campus presentation of top 3 proposals
  • January 14: Final proposals due
  • January 28: Winners announced

Award Information   Submission Guidelines   

The top three submissions will have the opportunity to present their proposals in a public forum to receive feedback. Each group will have time to make revisions before submitting their final proposal to the award committee. The top three proposals will need to be formatted to comply with college curriculum change forms. The committee will recommend the final proposal to the Provost, with the award-winning proposal being forwarded to the appropriate bodies for approval (i.e., Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, KBOR).

The review committee will be composed of the following members:

  • Three faculty members, selected by the Faculty Senate;
  • One USS member, selected by USS Senate
  • One UP member, selected by the UP Senate
  • One student, selected by SGA
  • Chair, AVP of Strategic Enrollment Management