• The program must be focused on addressing future needs of our students and the community.
  • The program will be judged on the number of new students, innovation, collaboration, and impact both on students and the broader community.
  • Preference will be given to programs that involve more than one college and that include at least one course above the general education level in the humanities or social sciences
  • The undergraduate degree proposals cannot require more than 120 hours; Masters proposals should be 30 hours;
  • The program can include face to face, hybrid, or online delivery.
  • The proposal group must include a member of the faculty.
  • The program should not require significant investment of new resources.
  • The program must meet HLC and any other required accreditation standards.
  • Departments involved and individual faculty members who would teach the courses must commit to offering the program.

Proposals should be no longer than 7 pages + letters of support.

Please include all of the following:

  1. Proposal Authors
  2. Responsible department(s) – explain how the program might be administered
  3. Proposed program title
  4. Summary description of and justification for the program
  5. Program’s link to WSU’s mission
  6. Expected student demand / interest in the program / target audience
  7. Expected community / regional impact of program
  8. Course requirements
  9. Necessary faculty resources  
  10. Letters of support / commitment from the various units contributing to the program

October 31: Proposals due


November 26-29: Campus presentation of top 3 proposals

January 14: Final proposals due

January 28: Winners announced

Submit your application to:  Carolyn Shaw, Associate Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management, Office of Academic Affairs,  Carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu  Campus Box 13.