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Program Requirements

Students in the Business Online Program will be required to complete program requirements listed below along with courses listed in their major in order to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from WSU.

  • The Barton School of Business requires that at least 50% of business courses be completed at WSU.
  • A minium of 120 credit hours is required to earn a Bachelor of Administration Degree.
  • Community college transfer students must complete at least 60 credit hours at a 4-year institution.
  • All majors must have a minimum of 12 unduplicated credit hours.
Please note, the lists below does not substitute for academic advising.  Contact our academic advisor if you would like to discuss  individual requirements and your plan of study.

Program General Requirements

 General Education  

Basic Skills:

  • College English I (ENGL 100 or 101)
  • College English II (ENGL 102)
  • College Algebra (MATH 111 or 112)
  • Public Speaking (COMM 111)

The above must be completed within the first 48 credit hours of college coursework with a grade of C- or better. Transfer students who complete Business Calculus or Calculus with a grade of C- or better do not need to take College Algebra or Precalculus.

General Education: 

  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Fine  Arts, Humanities, Natural Science or Math (300 or above level course that is 3 credit hours)
Advanced Standing
  • Business Calculus (MATH 144) or Calculus (MATH 242)
  • Exploring the World of Business (BADM 100)
  • Introductory Business Statistics (ECON 231)
  • Statistical Software Applications for Business (ECON 232)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 201)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 202)
  • Business Software (BADM 162)
  • Financial Accounting (ACCT 210)
  • Managerial Accounting (ACCT 220)
Business Core
  • Marketing (MKT 300)
  • The Entrepreneurial Experience (ENTR 310)
  • International Business (IB 333)
  • Financial Management I (FIN 340)
  • Intro to Production and Operations Management (DS 350)
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 360)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS 395)
  • Legal Environment of Business (BLAW 431)
  • Strategic Management (MGMT 681) -Senior Capstone

Business Administration Major Courses


Accounting: This program will prepare students for the industry of auditing, reporting, budgeting, and tax regulations.

  • ENGL 210
  • ACCT 310
  • ACCT 360
  • ACCT 410
  • ACCT 420
  • ACCT 430
  • ACCT 580
  • ACCT 610
  • ACCT 630
  • BLAW 635 OR 636

WSU Catalog: BBA-Accounting

Business Administration

Business Administration: Ideal for those who want to enhance their careers and expand knowledge in all basic business disciplines and functions. Students will be prepared to perform various tasks within a firm rather than specialize in one specific area.

  • MKT 405 
  • MGMT 463
  • HRM 466
  • IB 600 
  • Approved Directed Elective 

WSU Catalog: Business Administration

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management: This program adds a deeper focus on the business principles involved in managing people. Students will be prepared to enter this in-demand field with the skills to recruit, hire, train and nurture employees throughout their employment life cycle.

  • HRM 466 
  • HRM 665 
  • HRM 666 
  • HRM 668 
  • HRM 669 
  • Approved Directed Elective 

WSU Catalog: Human Resource Management

International Business

International Business: This program will help students gain a foundation in global business practices and operations. Students will be equipped with basic understanding on principles of foreign operations and applications of various business practices in specific countries and markets. 

  • FIN 340
  • IB: 333, 561, 600, 601
  • IB Direct Electives

Student in this field will also be required to complete:

  • Business minor
  • Foreign language
  • International experience

International Experience Requirement: Please talk to you academic advisor how you can meet this requirement.

International business majors are required to participate in an academic international experience. The preferred option is to study abroad at least one semester at a university in the student's regional emphasis. An alternative is a short-term academic internationalstudy tour to the student's regional emphasis.


WSU Catalog: International Business


Management: Students will be prepared to become effective leaders and business professionals in a variety of career areas by learning the principles of general business, leadership, group dynamics, communication and decision making

  • MGMT 460 
  • MGMT 462 
  • MGMT 463
  • HRM 466 
  • Approved Directed Electives 

WSU Catalog: Management


Marketing: Students will learn the basics of marketing research, consumer behavior and marketing programs. Students will become well versed in advertising, communication, public relations, and marketing strategy and research.

  • MKT 300
  • MKT 403
  • MKT 405
  • MKT 609
  • Approved Directed Electives 

WSU Catalog: Marketing


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