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Admissions Process

All WSU Graduate School applications must be completed online. For detailed information on how to apply to your program, please review the Graduate School Application Checklist.



Registration (enrollment) is done online and begins each April for the following summer and fall semesters, and each November for the following spring semester

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Do online programs require me to attend campus at some point during the semester?

No, online programs can be accessed 24/7 by logging into the myWSU portal. All coursework will be done in the Blackboard learning platform.

Some graduate level courses are offered in a variety of methods during the same semester (online, on-campus, or hybrid). When you are registering, please double check your course selection to make sure you’re choosing the correct, fully online class – most typically labeled II.

If I completed my undergraduate degree at Wichita State, do I need to apply to the Graduate School?

Yes, you will need to apply into the program you wish to study. During the application process, you will be prompted to provide required materials for your program of interest.

How long does the application process take?

The length of time varies significantly from a few days to up to 8 weeks. This depends on a number of factors, including whether we receive all application materials in a timely manner, when we receive the application (if during a peak processing time, it can take longer due to volume of applications received), whether the department evaluates applications on a rolling basis, or waits until a deadline has passed to evaluate all applicants, and if the department receives the needed supporting materials, such as test scores, letters of recommendation, etc.

How are admission decisions made?

The graduare programs to which you applied will review your complete application and forward a reccomendation for admission or denial to the Graduate School. The Graduate School reviews the application materials and the departmental recommendation and sends the official decision notification through the application portal.

What transcripts do I need to send?

If applying for a degree bound program, we require a transcript from ALL colleges or universities you have attended. This includes community colleges, college credit earned while in High School, transfer hours taken at another institution, and coursework taken to maintain certification. Please list ALL schools on your application. Failure to include all schools attended could result in denial of your application, or dismissal if admitted. Please be sure to include work taken at or transferred to WSU, as you will be required to upload unofficial copies of those documents as a part of the application process as well.

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