Reports and Guidelines

Accreditation Standards and Best Practice Guidelines

The Office of Online Learning uses the following accreditation standards and best practices to guide future development and growth of online programs and courses:

» Higher Learning Commission Guidelines for the Evaluation of Distance Education»
(5 pages. 514 KB pdf)
HLC is our regional accrediation body. We will follow their guidelines to administer online education at Wichita State University

» The Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Programs
The Online Learning Consortium is a professional organization dedicated to advancing online learning in education. Their scorecard represents best practices in the adminstration of online programs.

Follow the link, and if you haven't already created your WSU affiliated member account, click "Create an Account" here or in the top right corner of the page and complete the form. From there you will have full member access to the all the resources and information The Online Learning Consortium provides.

Quality Scorecard Review Reports:

2015 Quality Scorecard Triennial Review Report (94 pages, 3.8 MB pdf)

» Quality Matters™ Program
The Quality Matters™ Program is a faculty-centered peer review quality assurance program for online courses. Wichita State University will be following the QM rubric and standards for promoting quality in our online courses.
University Procedures for Online Course Instruction

This resource outlines best practices and guidelines for the administration of online learning at Wichita State.

Open PDF Version - Procedures for Online Course Instruction (28 pages, 438 KB pdf)

Planning Meeting Reports

The following links are reports from the planning meetings to establish the Office of Online Learning:

» Download the Online Data Report
(1 page. 538 KB pdf)
Enrollment Data for Online Learning from Fiscal Year 2008-2014
» Download the Expansion Plan
(3 pages. 114 KB pdf)
The Online Learning Task Force's Expansion Plan (7/31/2013)
» Download the Consultant Report
(9 pages. 231 KB pdf)
The Consultant Report presented to Wichita State University (9/14/2013)

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