Emma with her Spring 2021 buddy, Lía

Why did you sign up to be a buddy?

I signed up to be a buddy because I wanted to show my buddy our culture and also learn about theirs as well. It takes a lot of courage to come abroad and I wanted to make the transition the easiest possible for them. It was my goal to be a mentor and friend to my buddy as they experience the U.S. for the first time.


Major: Nursing

How did you benefit from the program?

I gained a lifelong friend. I also learned so much about Paraguay's culture. I will definitely be visiting my buddy. :)

Why would you recommend the program to other U.S. students?

I would recommend this program because you will learn so much about not only their culture but our culture as well. You will also gain a lifelong friend in another country.

Emma with her family, her buddy Lía, and friends