University-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Evaluation of university-level student learning outcomes is evaluated annually by the General Education Committee. Annual reports document the reviews and provide information that informs changes and subsequesnt planning for those changes.

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Program review is organized around the preparation and review of a self-study that is intended
to create a thoughtful assessment of the quality of academic programs and to establish goals for
improvements. The process of reviewing these studies (which includes faculty, the deans, the
University Program Review committee, and the Provost and Senior Vice President) is expected
to strengthen the academic programs, identify program needs and campus priorities, and
identify areas for reorganization.

Student Affairs Student Learning Outcomes

Student Affairs uses the Student Competency Guide, developed by the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Educational Advisory Committee as a learning map for students as they grow and develop through participation in student organizations, community service, campus employment, grass roots activities, leadership positions, followership positions, mentoring relationships with campus activities advisors, and other endeavors.

Retention Outcomes

Wichita State University’s retention efforts are centered on its Graduation Partnership, a strategy involving faculty, staff, and students to improve overall student success. The Partnership aims to enhance the student experience in all its forms: earning good grades, staying in school, graduating in a timely fashion, and being satisfied with the WSU experience.

Performance Agreements

Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) under Kansas Statute 74-3202d established performance-based funding for technical colleges, community colleges, state universities and Washburn University. Each institution’s receipt of new state funds is contingent upon meeting goals outlined in its Performance Agreement. Institutions submit a Performance Agreement for Board approval once every three years and performance is evaluated annually to demonstrate progress toward Foresight 2020.