PPMC Services

The Public Policy and Management Center (PPMC) at Wichita State University focuses on the following three services areas:

→ Professional Development
→ Policy and Applied Research
→ Technical Assistance and Consultation

Examples of these activities can be found on the Projects page.

Professional Development
The Center provides professional development to government administrators, elected officials, nonprofit organizations and community members.

Professional Association Education and Support

  • Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association
  • Kansas City/County Management Association
  • Regional Economic Area Partnership Municipal Elected Leader Series

Conference Administration

  • Kansas Government Finance Officers Association
  • City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas
  • Regional Economic Area Partnership Water Conference

Specialized Training

  • Asset Management
  • Board Governance
  • Elected Leadership
  • Environmental Issues
  • Grantwriting
  • Team Building

Policy and Applied Research
The Public Policy and Management Center works across academic areas to provide policy and applied research to support public and nonprofit organizations on various topics impacting communities.

  • Best Practices Research
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Policy Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Survey Development

Technical Assistance and Consultation
The Center provides technical support and consultation services to government and nonprofit organizations on a variety of topics. The PPMC can provide direct technical assistance and consultation or facilitate special projects with content experts from other academic units at Wichita State University.

  • BUILT Game: Community Engagement Tool
  • Citizen Surveys
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Special Projects
  • Visioning