Our diversity training programs and workshops are conducted by various departments across campus and these opportunities are available to faculty, staff and students who wish to learn more about becoming allies for members of our diverse community. A few of the programs and activities listed below offer training that covers the various spectrums of diversity. We can also build a diversity training program or activity to fit your needs.

Non-university departments and organizations are subject to training fees and charges. Please contact our office by emailing to diversity@wichita.edu or call (316) 978-3034 to schedule a meeting.

Faculty & Staff

To enroll in a training or workshop, log in to your myWSU portal and click on myTraining. 

Training Programs

Gender Diversity Training

The Gender Diversity Training is in partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources and Counseling and Testing Center.

Gender Diversity Training covers:

  • Gender identity
  • Living authentically
  • Challenges posed
  • Myths
  • Misconceptions
  • Inclusive language
  • Resources and much more!

The goal is to clarify the understanding of issues related to gender minority/transgender people.

This training is approximately two and a half hours.

Safe Zone LGBTQ Training

The Safe Zone LGBTQ Training is in partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources and Counseling and Testing Center.

Safe Zone LGBTQ Training covers:

  • Inclusive language
  • The process of coming out
  • The power of the straight ally
  • Understanding sexual identity
  • How to respond to homophobic incidents
  • Resources and much more!

The goal is to provide a safe and supportive network to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities at Wichita State University. To provide safe spaces on campus that are highly visible and easily identifable where LGBTQ persons can find support and where bigotry, as well as discrimination are not tolerated. By attending this training, individuals are committed to being a Safe Zone Ally, in which bigotry and discrimination are not tolerated.

This training is approximately two and a half hours.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace is an interactive training that focuses on the following:

  • Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Social identities
  • Recognizing and understanding microagressions
  • Introducing the Matrix of Oppression
  • Understanding how to get past stereotypes and prejudices
  • Addressing issues
  • How and who to report issues
  • Questions and answers

This training is approximately two and a half hours.

Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce

Today's workforce encompasses four generations of people that include traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and millenials. The fifth generation is on the horizon titled generation Z. This is an interactive training that will highlight the different generations and their workstyles, while providing a space for participants to learn more about their own work culture. Participants will learn the differences and similarities between the generations, while dispelling stereotypes and celebrating the importance of having a multigenerational workforce.

This training is approximately one and a half hours.

Ability Ally Training

Ability Allies are a network of faculty, staff and students who take a visible role in promotion disability awareness, supporting persons with disabilities and maintaining resources for working and interacting with people with disabilities. This training is designed to shape your perspective on ability versus disability and providing an open forum for questions and concerns for those interacting with individuals with disabilities.

Diversity in Action

Diversity in Action is a training program designed to develop and recognize commitment to the University's diversity initiative. This program consists of a combination of training, attending events and providing a reflection on our diversity values. It creates an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to learn more about the ways they can assist in ensuring the that University is welcoming and inclusive to all communities.


Privilege and Oppression

This is an interactive workshop that focuses on both privilege and oppression. Attendees will participate in the Privilege Walk and the Matrix of Oppression activities. This workshop requires trust-building and safety for participants. It shows participants how power and privilege can affect lives while bringing awareness to the participants about their own privilege and how to provide opportunities for others.

This is a one hour workshop.

Social Identity Profile

Social identity groups are based on the physical, social and mental characteristics of individuals. They are sometimes obvious and clear, while other times they are not. Often, these social identities are self-claimed and frequently ascribed by others. This workshop encourages an environment of self-exploration and engages the room to reflect and share how these social identities affect everyday life.

This is a one hour workshop.