Tips on Searching for Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to search for outside scholarships. There are numerous scholarships out there. As you start searching you will find scholarships with criteria you would expect, and you will also find some that surprise you. There is a scholarship for tall people and one for little people, there is one for vegetarian high school students and one for members of STARFLEET. With persistence, you will probably find several scholarships that fit you.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities posted on our website
Sometimes outside organizations send us information on scholarships they offer. If they look legitimate we add them to the web page. These are not affiliated with WSU, but we list them under Outside Scholarships as a courtesy to our students.

The Office of Financial Aid at Wichita State University is providing external scholarship information as a courtesy. Outside of maintaining the WSU Financial Aid Web site (, our office does not promote, validate, or maintain the Web sites listed. URL addresses and Web site contents frequently change. If you find a link that is no longer valid, please contact our office. Web sites appearing here do not necessarily imply that Wichita State University or the Office of Financial Aid agree with the material contained on or linked to the Web sites.

Scholarship Search Engines
Scholarship search engines look through large databases of scholarships to find the ones that might fit you. We have listed links to some search engines under Outside Scholarships. Again, these are not affiliated with or maintained by WSU. They are listed as a courtesy.

Other places to find outside scholarships:

  • Foundations
  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Community organizations and civic groups
  • Professional associations and organizations related to your field of study
  • Professional associations and organizations that your parents belong to
  • Ethnic organizations and associations
  • Organizations and associations based on culture and heritage
  • Employers, both yours and your parents'
  • Corporations and businesses related to your field of study
  • Corporations and organizations known for philanthropy
  • Large retailers and companies you have seen around town
  • Local businesses
  • Friends and relatives – ask if any organizations they are associated with offer scholarships

Avoiding Scams:
The Internet has made outside scholarship searches much easier, but it has also made it easier for unscrupulous people to promote scams and malicious software. The majority of scholarship opportunities you find will be legitimate, but there are scams. The federal government has helpful information on avoiding scams at