The high school guest program offers a special opportunity for academically talented high school students to take college courses at WSU before high school graduation and earn full college credit.


  • Achieve a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 2.75, and
  • Be a high school sophomore, junior, senior or freshman with a gifted IEP, and
  • Achieve a minimum college GPA of 2.00 (for future guest semesters), or
  • Have permission from a high school official and parent / guardian
  • High School Guests may take up to six credit hours each semester

Requirements for new High School Guests

Requirements for returning High School Guests


Exceptions may be requested by a high school counselor for students who do not meet these requirements. Students wishing to take more than six (6) hours must seek permission from the Office of Admissions. To request an exception, students must submit the High School Guest Exceptions form (PDF) and a copy of their current class schedule.

Admission Deadlines

The Admission deadline for High School guest students will be approximately one week prior to the first day of classes for each semester.

Spring Deadline

Jan. 25

Summer Deadline

May 25

Fall Deadline

Aug. 14

International Students

Students wishing to participate in the High School Guest Program who are in the United States as part of a Foreign Exchange Program must be admitted through the Office of International Admissions. These students will have different requirements and deadlines. Please contact Michelle Barger, associate director, Office of International Admissions directly at or 316-978-3232.

Guest Student Resources