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Merrick Donaldson 

Year at WSU

Edmond, OK

Media Arts - Game Design

Honors College, Student Ambassador Society, Intramural volleyball, probably bunches more as I find them

Why I chose WSU
I chose WSU because of the atmosphere it had of community and fun, and also I get to learn GAME DESIGN

Favorite thing
Now that I am a student I like that almost everything is free and cheap: basketball games, musicals, movie nights ...

Favorite place
Right now it’s the cafeteria, because that’s where I got to hang out with all the cool people I met

Look for scholarships as soon as possible and keep applying! Then you don’t have to worry as much about the money aspect.

Favorite class
My favorite class I’m taking this year will be one of the Shocker Studios classes, but one I’m looking forward to is dance 😂 Why? Because I’ll learn cool and nerdy computer stuff that will help me create cool and nerdy games for people

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