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Braeden Pfau

Year at WSU

Oskaloosa, KS


Student Ambassador Society, Shocker Navigator, Honors College, St. Paul Catholic University Parish

Why I chose WSU
As cliché as it might sound, WSU really felt like my home-away-from-home whenever I visited campus as a prospective student. Whenever I was on campus for a scholarship competition or just a generic visit I found all of the student ambassadors and admissions reps that I met to be incredibly friendly and helpful. It seems to me that everyone involved with the university is genuinely and personally invested in my Shocker Experience.

Favorite thing
Our campus! Out of all of the potential colleges I visited, WSU's campus completely won me over. I always say that our campus is like its own city within the city of Wichita. My love of WSU's campus is continuing to expand along with the development of Innovation Campus!

Favorite place
It is really difficult for me to pick a favorite place on campus, but I would probably have to say Shocker Hall. Residence Halls were another huge selling point for me in choosing a school and Shocker Hall's facilities are top-of-the-line in my opinion!

Explore your options as a prospective/incoming student. Whether you are still deciding on a school or deciding what clubs to join, push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. I tend to have a pretty introverted personality, but I've learned in my first year at WSU that pushing yourself to do things that you aren't normally comfortable with is a huge part of what college is all about.

Favorite class
My favorite class so far at WSU has probably been intro Sociology with professor Jodie Simon. Sociology wasn't really a class that I was expecting to enjoy very much, but Jodie is an amazing teacher! She made class discussions incredibly interactive and genuinely made an effort to get to know each student. If you have the option to take a class with her—do it!

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