All selections will be made at the completion of the tryout process. Shocker Bowling annually fields up to two different teams that train and compete for Wichita State University. A men and women’s developmental team may be selected each year and typically, all of those student-athletes are chosen from our yearly tryout process. The selected teams (men and women) are placed on these teams three ways:

  • A variable number of men and women are ‘pre-selected’ directly to the selected team
  • A variable number of men and women may be added to the selected team by the coaching staff, after the annual tryout process ends
  • A developmental team member can, usually through a superior overall performance, be elevated from the developmental team to the selected team, at any point during a competitive season

Pre-selected team members, placed directly on the selected team, may or may not be required to bowl in the program’s annual tryout process. Their tryout statistics may be used for internal purposes of the coaching staff.

Team selection will be based on the following criteria (not necessarily all-inclusive or listed in the order of importance):


  • Percentage of spares converted (total percentage and non-split (makeable) percentage)
  • Percentage of splits converted
  • Accuracy (launch angles; 1st & 2nd balls)
  • Pocket percentage
  • Carry percentage
  • Scoring
  • Versatility/matching up to the lane
    • Alignment
    • Releases
    • Equipment selection
    • Ball speed
  • Mental skills
    • Attention skills
    • Energy management skills
    • Imagery skills
    • Stress management skills
    • Goal setting skills
  • Physical Fitness
    • MAX pushups in two minutes (no resting)
    • MAX sit-ups in two minutes (no resting)
    • Two mile RUN time
  • Academic Comprehension
    • Ability to follow instructions and procedures
    • Ability to comprehend and retain information
    • Ability to communicate effectively


  • Learning habits
  • Practice habits
  • Desire to improve (mentally, physically, academically, personally)
  • Ability to plan and utilize time effectively and efficiently
  • Commitment to train


  • To yourself
  • To the Shocker Bowling Program (your teammates, your coaches)
  • To the Program Philosophy and Code of Conduct

After the tryout process concludes, a final cut will be made to select the students who will be members of a Shocker team. This selection will be made by the coaching staff, based upon a combination of both the objective data and subjective observations about both new and returning players. The competitive teams will be chosen on the week after tryouts conclude. Team size(s) will be determined based upon the criteria listed above. Every effort will be made to keep these selected competition squads intact throughout the duration of the intercollegiate bowling season. However, the coaching staff reserves the right to make substitutions or replacements at their discretion.