Oars with words "male and female:" in white and yellow text

We are looking for female and male athletes of various sizes - open weight (men over 160 & women over 130) lightweight (men 160 or under and women 130 or under), as well as smaller men and women to fill the position of coxswain (women 115 or under & men 125 or under). These people also should demonstrate good leadership and motivational skills.

Our program is placing equal emphasis on light and open weight rowing. The expectation is to build a program capable of competing for the ACRA Championship. The short term expectation is to build crews capable of medaling in the eights at local and regional events. In order to achieve this goal we are working diligently to provide a quality atmosphere for all of our athletes which will allow them to succeed and excel in the sport of rowing.

This program is a success because of the people who row. Crew is a unique sport because of the total team effort required for a winning team. Everyone is important and makes a contribution.