Practice and Training

Fall training will consist of learning to row on ergometers (stationary rowing machines) and in boats, as well as running, beginning weightlifting, etc. In early October we will begin competing in regattas called "Head Races." These are usually longer distance (6,000 or 2.5 to 3 miles) races, with a staggered start, and a winding course.

At the end of the fall season, we begin land training for the winter, with more work on the ergometers, lifting weights, running, and various other aerobic activities. The team usually returns to the water at the end of February for our official racing season, which will consist of shorter distance races, called sprints. Sprint races are in a head to head format, with as many as eight boats racing down a straight 2000 meter, 1.25 mile, stretch.

The Shocker Rowing Team offers student-athletes a well-rounded experience. In addition to development of team work skills, discipline and physical strength, the team also provides a rich social network unavailable to most incoming freshman, transfers or even returning students.