150 N McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67203
Directions from Campus:
Take 21st St West to I-135, head south on I-135.
Take Exit 7A onto Central Ave
Turn right onto Central Ave
Turn left onto N Waco Ave
Turn right onto W Douglass Ave
Turn right onto McLead Blvd
Turn right into RiverVista Complex

Directions from Kellogg/45:

The 2017-18 school year will be marked as one of major significance for Shocker Rowing at it is the year our program will start operating from our new boathouse on the Big Arkansas River. The boathouse is a prominent component of the River Vista project which is a joint venture between the City of Wichita, the development group - Dave Burke, George Laham, Dave Wells and Wichita State University. It will provide a highly visible downtown presence for Wichita State University and specifically, it will put Shocker Rowing forward in the downtown corridor in a new way. A new 12' x 242' dock will anchor this facility to the river and help improve the efficiency of the program by allowing for high volume usage. This facility includes over 7,000 sq. ft of heated shell storage, men and women's locker rooms, maintenance area and other amenities to help Shocker Rowing continue to move toward being the top ACRA program in the nation.

Additionally, Shocker Rowing will be running the Bikes & Boats rental facility directly adjacent to the boathouse portion. It is a great tie in with Shocker Rowing as both will promote river activity and outdoor fitness. There will not only be rental opportunities for bikes, paddle boats, canoes and other equipment, there will be special programming for lessons, fitness classes and group rentals. This retail venture will allow us to expand our programming, and not only impact our collegiate rowers but also draw in the general community to the facility for rentals and special events. This connection will help develop relationships in the community, increase awareness of our program and provide a valuable revenue stream to bolster our intercollegiate program.

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River Vista Project
River Vista Floor Plan

Here you have an update of the River Vista Project.
Video made by Key Constructions.

River Vista Project photo.

River Vista Project photo.

River Vista Project photo.