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Histories of the men and women behind WSU's endowed funds

Louise K. & Richard D. Dickey Endowed Scholarship

A lifelong resident of Wichita, Mr. Richard D. Dickey went to East High School before attending the University of Wichita. He graduated from WU with a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in economics. After graduating, he served in the Army infantry during World War II and was stationed overseas. Upon his discharge from the military, Mr. Dickey began a career in accounting, working for the Kubik Company for five years before opening his own firm. Mr. Dickey's wife of 55 years, Louise, passed away in 1998, and he passed away in 2004. The couple had one daughter, Ms. Dee Anne Moxley, and two grandchildren. Dee Anne received her bachelor's and master's degrees in education from WSU.

The Louise K. and Richard D. Endowed Scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Dickey to assist students enrolled in the School of Music in the College of Fine Arts.