Spirit of the Gift Biography Project

Histories of the men and women behind WSU's endowed funds

Hazel Branch Endowed Scholarship

Hazel Branch was born in Concordia, Kan. After receiving her Ph.D. in entomology in 1921 from Cornell University, she came to Fairmount College as professor and head of the department of biology. Under her tutelage, students obtained a first-rate undergraduate degree in life sciences, a high percentage continuing on to receive advanced degrees. Her students thought of her as friend, mentor and teacher, and many kept in contact with Dr. Branch long after graduation. In 1938, Dr. Branch's biography was included in the “Men of Science.” She was affiliated with many prominent organizations, including the America Society of Zoologists and the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. She also was president of the Kansas Academy of Science and the Wichita chapter of the American Association of University Professors. She retired in 1956 as head of the department of zoology. In 1975, the Hazel Branch Endowed Scholarship was established from her estate for those students majoring in biology with intent to attend a medical school.