Spirit of the Gift Biography Project

Histories of the men and women behind WSU's endowed funds

Dr. Marvis J. Lary Physician Assistant Endowed Fellowship

Dr. Marvis Lary began her career as a physician assistant in 1972 in WSU's physician assistant program. She was one of only two females in the first class of 12 students. After graduating in 1975, she worked in family practice for 20 years. Seeing the value of higher education, Dr. Lary earned a bachelor's degree in 1978 and a master's in 1986, both from WSU. In 1991, she earned her doctorate from Kansas State University. In 1987, she was named clinical director in WSU's department of physician assistant, and she became the first female program director in 1989. Early in 2001, she was promoted to associate dean of academic affairs and research in the College of Heath Professions. At that time, the physician assistant faculty and staff established the Dr. Marvis Lary Scholarship Fund to honor her long-time commitment to students. When the program changed to a graduate program in 2004, the fund became a fellowship.