Humberto Saenz, El Conejo y el Queso, 2014. Lithograph and Hand Drawing (Kaitlyn and Eli) 19x24in. Photo courtesy of Humberto Saenz.20th Faculty Biennial

April 25 – August 23, 2015

Polk/Wilson Galleries

The Ulrich Museum of Art presents the 20th Faculty Biennial. This biennial is punctuated by remarkable changes in the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries. Over the past two years, the curriculum, like our purpose, has become more community-focused, better linked to innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities, and truly unique—offering students courses that can be found nowhere else in the State of Kansas. The mission of the School—to educate tomorrow's creative practitioners with the experiences they need to be at the top of their game—has been enhanced with even stronger links to the Ulrich Museum. Each day, faculty and students prove that Wichita State is not following the crowd, but rather leading the way by embracing opportunity, risk and commitment. The natural foundation for this spirit of change can be traced back to our world-class faculty—whose creative expertise inspires our students on a daily basis. The work represented in this year's biennial reflects endeavors of national and international caliber, many of them have been selected for prestigious exhibition opportunities within and outside the United States. Join us for a celebration of faculty talents, meet some of our newest faces, and come see for yourself how the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries is becoming Kansas’ epicenter for creativity, innovation and play!

Participating faculty:

Ted Adler, Associate Professor, Ceramics
Barry Badgett, Associate Professor, Sculpture
Robert Bubp, Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing
Bob Burdette, Adjunct Faculty, Painting/Drawing
Mary Sue Foster, Professor, Art Education
John Hammer, Adjunct Faculty, Digital Media
Kirsten S. Johnson, Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Brenda Lichman, Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics
Gary Lincoln, Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics
Dr. Brittany Lockard, Art History, (Creative Industries)
Wyatt McCrea, Assistant Professor, Art Education
Dr. Claudia Pederson, Assistant Professor, Art History, (New Media, Experimintation & Technology) James Ackerley Porter, Adjunct Faculty, Sculpture
Jeff Pulaski, Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Jennifer Ray, Assistant Professor, Photography
Lisa Rundstrom, SHIFTSPACE Gallery Director, New Media
Humberto Saenz, Assistant Professor, Printmaking
Larry Schwarm, Visiting Distinguished Professor, Photography
Levente Sulyok, Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing
Kathryn Van Steenhuyse, Adjunct Faculty, Painting/Drawing
Jennifer Venn, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
Dr. Royce W. Smith, Associate Professor Art History and Director of the School of Art and Design And Creative Industries