Robert Henri, 'Gregorita with the Santa Clara Bowl,' 1917, oil on canvas, 32 by 26 inches
Dana Schutz, 'Missing Link Finds Superman,' 2006, oil on canvas
Margaret Bourke-White, 'NBC Radio—Microphone,' 1935, gelatin silver print on paper, 11 by 14 inches
Zhang Huan (Chinese, b.1965), 'Family Tree,' 2000, C-prints
Radcliffe Bailey, Exodus,
Louise Nevelson, 'Moving-Static-Moving-Figure,' 1947, painted terracotta, wood and bronze, 21 1/4 by 14 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches
Joan Mitchell, 'Untitled,' 1956, oil on canvas, 84 by 77 inches
tulip beds in front of the Ulrich Museum of Art
Detail of digital animation by Jeremy Blake
Jacob Lawrence, 'Black Cowboys,' circa 1967, casein tempera on illustration board, 20 by 30 inches
Robert Motherwell, 'Study in Automatism,' 1977, acrylic on canvas, 16 by 20 inches
Andy Warhol, 'Chicken 'n Dumplings (From Campbell's Soup II), 1968. Color screen print on paper, 34 x 20 in. Collection of the Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Wichita, Museum Purchase with Student Government Association funds
Peter Sarkisian, 'Dusted,' 1998, five projection digital video and plywood box, 33 by 33 by 29 1/2 inches
David Reed, '#471,' 1999-2001
Jules de Balincourt, 'The Watchtower,' 2005, oil, enamel, and spray paint on wood panel, 31 by 39 inches

Art of Our Time:
Selections from the Ulrich Museum of Art

April 24 - August 8, 2010

Excellence and innovation – when human endeavor combines these qualities, a masterpiece results no matter the context. Proudly, the Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University features 57 works of major artistic accomplishment in our permanent collection, works equally excellent and innovative. Art of Our Time, which comprises an exhibition and related collection publication, is the kind of project that museums infrequently pursue. Yet it stands at the heart of our mission. For 36 years, the Ulrich has built a collection of rare distinction with more than 6,300 modern and contemporary works of art. Opening eyes and minds and offering moments of visual pleasure through encounters with the art of our time is paramount to the Ulrich. This collection project reveals how the museum has assembled an art collection to serve this cause well.

Art of Our Time offers the opportunity for visitors to explore the sweep of artmaking over the past 100 years. From Robert Henri’s 1917 painting Gregorita with the Santa Clara Bowl to Zhang Huan’s photo-documentation of his 2000 performance Family Tree, from the expressive strokes of Robert Motherwell’s 1976 Les Caves No. 2 to the digital animation of Jeremy Blake’s 2001 video Mod Lang, the collection exhibition explores key artists, styles and episodes in recent artmaking. Photography is a particular collection strength, and stunning prints by Eugéne Atget, Edward Weston, Margaret Bourke-White, W. Eugene Smith and Nan Goldin will be on view.

The Ulrich also produced a collection catalogue in association with the University of Washington Press. The Ulrich director and curator joined five guest authors to write texts on each of the 57 featured works. Eager to mix literary and scholarly voices, the Ulrich involved creative writers Laura Moriarty and Antonya Nelson as well as curators and scholars Toby Kamps, Timothy R. Rodgers and Robert Silberman. For the publication, photographer Larry Schwarm created an eloquent photo-essay of WSU campus interaction with the Martin H. Bush Outdoor Sculpture Collection. Wichita architect Dean Bradley designed a striking gallery installation to further enhance and set off each work of art.

Art of Our Time has been made possible through the generous support of:

Emprise BankNational Endowment for the Arts

Additional sponsors include:
Joan S. Beren Foundation
Edward and Helen Healy
Harry Pollak
Richard D. Smith and Sondra M. Langel

Support has also been provided by:
Jon and Kelly Callen
Mike and Dee Michaelis
Jayne S. Milburn
Christine F. Paulsen-Polk
Wichita State University Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research

Demonstrating their support for Art of Our Time, a number of patrons contributed funds for the curatorial care of works in the Ulrich collection that are featured in this exhibition and book. Those patrons are acknowledged here, along with the artworks they sponsored.

An anonymous patron sponsored W. Eugene Smith's Frontline Soldier with Canteen, Saipan, Claes Oldenburg's Inverted Q, Trial Proof (White) and Edward Weston's Pepper.

Mickey Armstrong sponsored W. Eugene Smith's The Walk to Paradise Garden, in memory of Pete Armstrong, a friend of Gene Smith.

Marcia and Ted D. Ayres sponsored Luis Alfonso Jimenez's Sodbuster: San Isidro.

Martin and Ann Bauer sponsored George L. K. Morris' Unequal Forces, No. 2.

Shirley and Donald Beggs sponsored Childe Hassam's Distant Valley, Montauk, in honor of the Ulrich Museum staff.

Joan S. Beren sponsored Joan Miro's Personnages Oiseaux (Bird People) and Robert Indiana's LOVE.

Louise R. Beren sponsored Andy Warhol's Chicken 'n Dumplings, in honor of S. O. (Bud) Beren.

Ralph and Alta Brock sponsored Audrey Flack's Cover Girl.

Jon and Kelly Callen sponsored Peter Sarkisian's Dusted.

Eric Engstrom and Robert Bell sponsored Milton Avery's Boats in Yellow Sea.

Dr. Alan and Sharon Fearey sponsored Robert Henri's Gregorita with the Santa Clara Bowl.

Justus Fugate sponsored Margaret Bourke-White's NBC Radio-Microphone, in memory of Connie Thomas Arnold.

Ann E. Garvey sponsored Gordon Parks' Muhammad Ali on Staircase.

Bud and Toni Gates sponsored Jules de Balincourt's The Watchtower.

Diana and Jeff Gordon sponsored Nan Goldin's Picnic on the Esplanade, Boston, in honor of Wichita's dedicated arts patrons.

Sonia Greteman and Chris Brunner sponsored Diane Arbus' Lady Bartender at Home with a Souvenir Dog, New Orleans, in honor of their friends at Planet Hair.

The R. C. Kemper Charitable Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Corporate Trustee sponsored Zhang Huan's Family Tree.

Elizabeth and Don King sponsored Alexander Calder's The Big Wheel.

Dr. Sam and Jacque Kouri sponsored Tom Otterness' Millipede.

Tom and Nancy Martin sponsored Frederick Judd Waugh's Peasant Landscape.

Dr. Patricia McDonnell sponsored Eugène Atget's Marchand de vin, 15 rue Boyer (Wine Seller, 15 rue Boyer).

Jane McHugh sponsored Joan Miro's Signes et Symboles (Signs and Symbols).

Dr. Rodney Miller and Dr. Pina Mozzani sponsored Charles Grafly's Pioneer Mother.

The Victor Murdock Foundation sponsored Joan Mitchell's Untitled.

George M. Platt sponsored Frank Lloyd Wright and George M. Niedecken's Henry J. Allen House Dining Set.

Beverly and James Rhatigan sponsored Jeremy Blake's Mod Lang.

Scott and Carol Ritchie sponsored Robert Motherwell's Study in Automatism.

Bruce and Linda Schreck sponsored Emil Nolde's Daisies and Peonies.

Shoko Kato Sevart sponsored Andy Goldsworthy's Torn Leaf Line Held to Fallen Elm with Water, November 15, 2002.

Martha and Kent Shawver sponsored Emil Carlsen's Barnacled Rocks.

Southwest National Bank sponsored Imogen Cunningham's Clare and Floating Seeds.

Ron and Lee Starkel sponsored Louise Nevelson's Moving-Static-Moving-Figure.

Keith and Georgia Stevens sponsored Dorothy Dehner's Arcanorum and Christoph Morlinghaus' TWA (Bridge).

James and Ann Townsend sponsored Helen Frankenthaler's Wind Directions.

Mrs. Dwane L. Wallace sponsored Frank Duveneck's Portrait of a Lady.

The Lois Kay Walls Foundation sponsored Andy Goldsworthy's Wichita Arch.

The Wilson Foundation sponsored Robert Motherwell's Les Caves No. 2 (The Cellars No. 2).