April 7 – August 12, 2018 | Grafly Gallery

Artists: Michèle Pearson Clarke, Erika DeFreitas,
Delio Delgado, Dionne Simpson, Camille Turner

at; into; across is organized in response to the exhibition EN MAS’ which explores the relationship between the historical conditions that informed Carnival in the Caribbean, and its influence on the development of performance art in the “West”. Taking a cue from EN MAS’ emphasis on the genre of performance within the context of the Caribbean this exhibition shifts direction to focus on work by five Caribbean-Canadian artists, and highlights the ways in which the discipline presents itself within each artist’s separate practice.

Overall, at; into; across works to deconstruct the medium through the isolation and underscoring of particular elements within; specifically those of movement, the body, speech, and gesture while commenting on themes of diaspora, site, history, erasure, and community. Informed by the position of existing “in-between” cultures, their work articulates a liminal poetics (and tension) of yearning and being.

Images: Erika DeFreitas, selectrions from A Teleplasmic Study with Doilies (Angie No.1–4), 2010-2011. Archival inkjet print.