WSU School of Art and Design 18th Faculty Biennial

January 22 - April 3, 2011

At a research university, student learning is greatly deepened by encounters with expert faculty. Young minds who seek training and critique observe the model of their teachers, faculty who are engaged in advancing their fields. Some 350 visual art majors and even more students from other disciplines stretch and test themselves in WSU’s School of Art and Design courses. They also see firsthand how their professors create art and scholarship that reflect and participate in the contemporary art world.

The Ulrich Museum of Art presents the Wichita State University School of Art and Design 18th Faculty Biennial. The university teachers are simultaneously exceptional artists, art historians and graphic designers. The school provides instruction in art education, art history, ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Ted Adler • Ceramics
Stephen Atwood • Foundations
Barry Badgett • Sculpture
James Brewer • Sculpture
Robert Bubp • Painting & Drawing
Ronald Christ • Painting & Drawing
Mary Sue Foster • Art Education & Textiles
Jim Hellman • Graphic Design
Frederick Hemans • Art History, Ancient & Classical
Jennifer Holt • WSU Shift Space Gallery Director
Kirsten Johnson • Graphic Design
Annette LeZotte • Art History, Renaissance & Baroque
Wyatt McCrea • Photography & Art Education
Jeff Pulaski • Graphic Design
Linda Robinson • Photography
Lisa Rundstrom • Foundations
Royce W. Smith • Art History, Modern & Contemporary
Dale Strattman • Photography
Levente Sulyok • Painting & Drawing
Ericka Walker • Printmaking

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Robert Bubp, 'Field of Dreams (Intrust Arena, Wichita, Kansas) #1,' 2009. Pencil and inkjet print on paper, 40 by 70 inches. Courtesy of the artist

Linda K. Robinson, 'Unleaded,' Chromagenic Print Installation (detail), 2010, 42 by 144 inches, courtesy of the artist