International Type ThrowDown

International Type ThrowDown

January 18–March 2, 2014

Ulrich Underground: Grafly Gallery

Typography is everywhere. In today’s digital culture, most people have access to hundreds of fonts and these letter forms have great power to communicate; strength and trust or fun and frivolity; home and tradition or the cutting edge. Graphic designers are constantly adding to the variety in the typographic landscape, creating new fonts to express the shifts in society’s tastes and desire for expression.

Enter the International Type ThrowDown. In this contest, graphic design students from around the world go head to head with their lettering. We selected letter forms from four, non-Latin alphabets and asked student designers to take their best shot at creating a new and interesting version. Letters from each alphabet were seeded and then paired up in brackets. The letter-forms were then posted to the web and we asked the world to vote for their favorites. You can vote too! The early rounds of voting took place on the web at and the final rounds will take place live in the Ulrich Museum in January and February. You can vote for your favorites and see who takes the ultimate prize. Champions announced February 22.

This project was inspired by designer Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap project and The Type Fight web site run by designers Drew Roper, Bryan Butler and Ryan Paule.