Stephanie Syjuco: FREE TEXTS

March 8 – April 20, 2014
Ulrich Underground: Grafly Gallery

In FREE TEXTS, Stephanie Syjuco brings together a collection of web addresses for more than 90 academic texts that have been uploaded (many through illegal means) to the Internet. The web addresses are printed on the tabs of flyers (plastered on the walls in a style reminiscent of community bulletin boards) for visitors to tear off and take. The majority of Syjuco’s collected texts reflect upon open source culture and ideas of ownership, public access, and the commodification of ideas in the 21st century. FREE TEXTS is an ever-evolving physical archive of an Internet-based phenomenon—it brings free access of these texts back into the physical realm, yet encourages the digital, free exchange of ideas. The installation takes on further meaning on a college campus where many of these texts are shared, read, and discussed throughout the year.

Do you support this free exchange of ideas? This exhibition is interactive. To participate, tear off tabs with the addresses of your favorite texts, download them, and share with friends.


ARTIST TALK: Stephanie Syjuco

210 McKnight West, WSU School of Art and Design

Stephanie Syjuco, FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room (Installation at Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris), ongoing, Dimensions variable, Image courtesy of the artist.

Stephanie Syjuco, FREE TEXTSStephanie Syjuco, FREE TEXTS