The Clan of Munes: Frederick J. Waugh

January 25–April 13, 2014
Amsden Gallery

During an extended stay on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine, American marine painter Frederick J. Waugh took breaks from sketching and painting to collect the gnarled roots and branches of spruce trees along the windswept shores. This small rocky island twelve miles off the Maine shore was a popular artists’ colony, and Waugh was a seasonal resident during the early part of the 1910s.

Waugh turned these roots and branches into the central characters for a fairy tale, as amusement for his family during long summer evenings. Over the next four years Waugh conceived and produced the text and drawings for a children’s book entitled The Clan of Munes, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1916.

The Ulrich owns all twenty-eight original drawings for the book that will be exhibited with two “mune” creatures created by Waugh out of the scrub trees of Monhegan Island, Maine.

Frederick J. Waugh, Original Illustration for The Clan of Munes: the Wizard dressed in his Indian finery, from the series [The Clan of] Munes: Original Drawings, 1916.Frederick J. Waugh, Untitled, 1916.Frederick J. Waugh, Untitled, 1916.