September 11–December 15, 2013
Beren Gallery

UnderNewManagementpermanent collection exhibitionChange is a constant and, here at Wichita State University, energy is building around the initiatives of our new president and senior leadership. The Ulrich Museum of Art also recently welcomed four new staff members, including both of us. We’re learning the ropes while making small changes and planning for even bigger ones. It’s a bit like a change in management at a beloved café – the chefs continue to cook the best menu items while mixing up new experiments in the kitchen.

As we started our study of the more than 6,500 objects in the Museum’s permanent collection - opening file drawers and pulling rack after rack of paintings in the vault – we found that our discussions reflected the differences between our own interests and sets of expertise, as well as key themes and issues in the collection. The process became a game of curatorial call and response through which we challenged each other.

We devised two creative constraints that became our basic rules of play and the structure of this exhibition:

  • Workman selects work made before 1970. Throckmorton selects work created since 1970.
  • Each person responds to the other’s selection with a work of art from their designated time period.

What you see in the gallery are the somewhat tongue-in-cheek results of this experiment. Some of the pairings seem made for each other, while others emphasize the extreme differences between two artists’ practices or disparate time periods. The foundation of art history was built through successive generations of artists forging new territory, yet considering the art that came before their own. This exhibition reveals these connections in our own collection – a legacy built by the curators and directors that came before us.

Please join our conversation by leaving a comment or meeting us and other members of the Ulrich staff during office hours in this gallery. We look forward to meeting you.

Bob Workman

Jodi Throckmorton
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Under New Management – Staff Office Hours 12:30–1:30 p.m., Beren gallery

Jodi Throckmorton, curator of modern and contemporary art Wednesday, Sept. 18; Friday, Sept. 27
Jessy Clonts, public relations and marketing manager Thursday, Sept. 19; Tuesday, Oct. 1
Bob Workman, director Friday, Sept. 20; Thursday, Oct. 3; Wednesday, Oct. 9
Carolyn Copple, projects and events coordinator Tuesday, Sept. 24; Wednesday, Oct. 2
James Porter, designer/preparator Wednesday, Sept. 25; Tuesday, Oct. 8
Stephanie Teasley, registrar Thursday, Sept. 26; Friday, Oct. 11
Aimee Geist, curator of education Friday, Oct. 4; Thursday, Oct. 10