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Current Exhibitions:

In The Wake

January 24 - March 31, 2019 | Polk/Wilson & Amsden Galleries
Artists: Natalia Almada, Carolina Caycedo, Clemencia Echeverri, Dara Friedman, Wangechi Mutu, Shelley Niro

In the Wake features a selection of film and video from the Museum’s permanent collection that employ water as a central motif. The exhibition was conceived as a contemporary response to Frederick Judd Waugh’s paintings of seascapes on view in the Beren Gallery. In the Wake consists of time-based media that convey the dynamic properties of water in ways that both intersect and diverge from Waugh’s paintings. The artists employ scale, sound and movement to explore the force and scope of water, simultaneously focusing on its relationship to human experience. They highlight water as a repository of memory, an entity that facilitates migration, labor and commerce, and as a receptacle that both receives and engenders trauma and violence. In the Wake displays water’s fluid traits and what remains from our encounters with it. 

Frederick Judd Waugh: Waterscapes

Through March 31, 2019 | Beren Gallery
Selected from the Ulrich’s extensive holdings of works by the artist Frederick Judd Waugh, Waterscapes illustrates the breadth of approaches that he took in his studies of the major focus of his art. As a developing artist, Waugh explored a range of compositions from pastoral scenes to cityscapes, but his primary subject remained the sea. Waugh is generally considered one of America’s great marine painters. The works in this exhibition demonstrate his deft handling of light, tone and texture, and his ability to convey the sublime force of nature at moments of turbulence and repose. 

Solving for X = Sustainability

Acid Mine Drainage: Working to Improve Passive Remediation Systems 

January 24 - March 31, 2019 | Grafly Gallery
Our first Solving for X project is a collaboration with Dr. Andrew Swindle, assistant professor in the Geology Department. Dr. Swindle is a contaminant hydrogeologist with extensive experience in the use of electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction to investigate colloidal and nano-scale materials. The research highlighted here is connected to the remediation of Acid Mining Drainage (AMD). AMD is the acidic, metal-laden solution produced by the oxidation of sulfide minerals exposed from mining activities. It is a significant environmental problem in most countries that have an extensive history of mining, and is estimated to have adversely impacted 10,000’s of km of streams in the United States alone. Because of the large number of impacted sites there is considerable drive to develop low-cost remediation options. One option is the use of limestone trenches to neutralize AMD; however, when AMD is neutralized iron (hydr)oxide minerals can precipitate coating the remaining limestone and lowering the effectiveness of the trench. This research investigates using a mix of sandstone and limestone to ameliorate limestone armoring to increase the effectiveness of this remediation option.

Solving for X is a series of exhibitions organized by the Ulrich Museum of Art in collaboration with university scholars across campus. The intent of the Museum is to work with WSU scholars in all disciplines who are problem solving for sustainability to create visualizations of their research. The objective is to explore the potential for the Museum, as a WSU public access point for the community, to make accessible the fascinating and essential research taking place on campus. We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with researchers across campus and excited about the challenges we will face together in discovering how to create visual pathways to understanding.