Thin Skin: The Fickle Nature of Bubbles, Spheres, and Inflatable Structures
July 20-September 21, 2003

Lee Boroson, 'Slurry,' 2001, Nylon, webbing, electric blowers, hardware, air, cloth, and Velcro; dimensions variableBubbles and related forms seem to be springing up everywhere lately in contemporary art, like some benign infestation. Thin Skin brings together some of the most interesting recent work involving malleable, inflatable materials. It identifies this artistic practice with a new awareness of "in-between" spaces in the era of the Internetóspaces either real nor completely virtualóand a new understanding our own bodies as permeable sensors in constant osmotic exchange as they move through these spaces.

Thin Skin features twenty-four humorous and seductive works in different mediums, including sculptures, photographs, room-size installations, and video projections. Viewers will marvel at these literally and metaphorically thin-skinned works, and, in some instances, are encouraged to interact with them. As they move through the gallery, visitors will experience this new spatial ambiguity and find themselves manipulating or being manipulated by the multitude of bubbles, spheres, and malleable environments. Artists represented include: Ray and Charles Eames, Olafur Eliasson, Tom Friedman, Dorothee Golz, Annika Von Hausswolff, Sutee Kunavichayanont, Ernesto Neto, Miri Segal, Fiona Tan, and Andy Warhol.

Thin Skin: The Fickle Nature of Bubbles, Spheres and Inflatable Structures is a traveling exhibition organized and circulated by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. ICI is a non-profit traveling exhibition service specializing in contemporary art. The exhibition was co-curated by Barbara Clausen and Carin Kuoni. The exhibition, tour, and catalogue are made possible, in part, by grants from Gerrit L. and Suydam R. Lansing, the Institut f¸r Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Stuttgart, and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural & Scientific Relations Division, and Consulate General of Israel in New York.