Jim Granada is an Associate Teaching Professor and the Director of the Transition to Teaching (T2T) program. He is also the director of the Wichita State AP Summer Institute and WSU College Readiness Partnership Initiative.


Academic Interests and Expertise


  •   B.S.E. Elementary Education
  •   M.Ed. Educational Psychology
  •   Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction


Areas of Teaching Interest


  •  CI 402J ISAM: Elementary Social Studies
  •  CI 411J Pre-Student Teaching Studies: Elementary Social Science
  •  CI 431B Seminar in Elementary Education




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Professional Experience


  •  Director, Department of Advanced Academic Services
  •  Adjunct Faculty
  •  Educational Specialist, Gifted Education
  •  Assistant Professor
  •  Elementary Teacher


  •  National Science Teachers Association
  •  National Association for Gifted Children
  •  National Association for Bilingual Education
Awards and Honors


  •  Classroom Teacher (4-8)
  •  Gifted and Talented Supplement
  •  Principal (EC-12)