An innate hatred of cubicles has led Jason Flanders to a lifetime search to defeat his arch nemesis ...Boredom.  
Jason has held many jobs. Jobs as diverse as USAF Heavy Equipment Operator, Day Care Provider, Combat Engineer and Life Drawing Model. These jobs lasted (some longer than others) until boredom settled into the pores of his existence and those paths were all eventually abandoned. This aversion to boredom eventually led to Art and Theatre where, if boredom were to rear its dull head, it would soon be defeated by new challenges; new skills to learn, new styles and mediums to explore and new messages to be conveyed. The excitement of these new challenges quickly defeated Boredom and its cubicle minions.  
The ongoing struggle to keep boredom at bay led Jason to earn the BA in Theatre from Arkansas Tech University and to continue his education with the Scenic Design MFA from the University of Oklahoma.  
Teaching and exploring Art and Theatre as the Scenic Technology Specialist and Scene Shop Manager for the School of Performing Arts at Wichita State University has proven to be the perfect weapon to insure Boredom’s defeat. The variety of Design and technical requirements inherent within the realms of Musical Theatre, Theatre, Opera and Dance has all but guaranteed that Boredom will remain subdued.  
However, lest Boredom sneak, thief like, into the corners of Jason’s soul, he continues to challenge himself to remain vigilant by branching out into Printmaking, Sculpture, wood working and other areas in order to keep boredom at bay.  
By the way, this is the first Bio Jason has written that he wasn’t bored with. . .mostly.  


Academic Interests and Expertise

Scenic and Prop construction, Design

Areas of Teaching Interest

Stagecraft, Scenic and Prop Construction, Problem Solving, Making cool stuff

Patents and other Intellectual Property

Continuing development of Amputee Assistive Device