Art is the soul of humanity 
Reach for the dream and enjoy the path 
To dance is to breathe, my breath is life 
I breathe to live, I live to dance, students dance with me 
Students are the gift I didn’t know I needed 
That gift gives me purpose 

Starting to choreography a new piece is exciting and terrifying
The space between exciting and terrifying is my zone. 
Arrival is another beginning 
Teaching is a glorious adventure 
Embrace uncomfortable and squeeze it tight 
Make good art 
Enjoy a pause then listen 
Never take a creative day for granted 
This moment is one of many, here and gone in a blink, what a sublime gift 


Academic Interests and Expertise
  • Ballet Technique 
  • Jazz Technique 
  • Choreography 
  • Dance History 
  • Dance Appreciation 
  • Performance 
  • Dance Conditioning
Areas of Teaching Interest
  • Ballet Technique 
  • Jazz Technique 
  • Dance Appreciation 
  • Performance 
  • Dance Conditioning
Professional Experience
  • Arizona Dance Theatre (Trainee) 
  • Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (Company member) 
  • James Kelley Choreography Project (Company member) 
  • Ruth Page Foundation - "Nutcracker" (Company member) 
  • Alithea Mime Theatre (Associate Artistic Director) 
  • Ballet Wichita (Guest Artist)
Awards and Honors
  • Kansas Arts Commission – Choreography Award  
  • Dorothy Hauk  
  • Mary Jane Teal award – Choreography - "Chicago"
Areas of Service
  • American College Dance Association (ACDA) – Board Member/Regional Director-Central region 
  • Wichita State University committees – College of Fine Arts - curriculum committee, College of Fine Arts – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Other Interests

Animals – I have 4 cats and 2 dogs, family, video games,  

Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature and TV/Film, crochet!