Dr. Suzanne Hawley is a public health academician and licensed clinical psychologist. She is Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS) at Wichita State University and served as PHS department chair from 2011-2015.

She served as faculty and MPH site director at University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, as well as Co-director of the Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute (KPHLI).

She is inspired by the natural growth capacity and power of individuals and communities. She has coaching certifications from both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC).

She completed her bachelor’s and master's in psychology from California State University, San Bernardino. She also completed a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a concentration in Biostatistics, and a PhD in clinical psychology, both at Loma Linda University in California. She has worked as a clinician and researcher in various multidisciplinary settings over the past two decades. This includes educational, community mental health, psychiatric hospital, and prison settings.


Academic Interests and Expertise
Years (Inclusive) Degree Institution


Associate of Arts, Liberal Studies

Victor Valley College


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

General Honors

Honors in the Department of Psychology

California State University, San Bernardino


Master of Arts, Experimental Psychology

Highest Honors

California State University, San Bernardino


Master of Public Health, Biostatistics

Loma Linda University


Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology

Loma Linda University



Gestalt Training Institute, Los Angeles, CA



Gestalt Training Institute - International Summer Residential Training Program, Yenne, France



Society for Organizational Learning - Residential Core Training Program, Bedford, MA



National Public Health Leadership Institute, Chapel Hill, NC



Kansas Leadership Center, Civic and Community Leadership Coach Certification, Wichita, KS



College of Health Professions (CHP) Leadership Academy



College of Executive Coaching, Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach (ICF Accredited)



Wichita State University Boot Camp for Online Teaching



International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC)



WSU Leadership Academy



Kansas Leadership Center, Level II Leadership Coach Certification (60 hr), Wichita, KS

Areas of Research Interest

Dr. Hawley's work has focused on leadership development/training, health disparities, and mental health. She is a graduate of the National Public Health Leadership Institute and the past Chair for the National Public Health Leadership Development Network.

Areas of Teaching Interest

Leadership, Aging, Organizational Behavior, Mental Health, Underserved populations


Peer-Reviewed Articles Published

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Clinical Experience



Aug 2001-Aug 2002

Clinical Psychologist

Prairie View, Inc.- Comprehensive Behavioral Health System (.50 FTE Newton Medical Plaza, .50 FTE Adolescent Residential Inpatient Unit)

Aug 2002-Aug 2005

Clinical Psychologist

Prairie View, Inc.- Comprehensive Behavioral Health System

Awards and Honors


Year Award


Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) Special Service Award (peer-nominated statewide award for contributions to Kansas public health; received for work in founding Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute [KPHLI])


University of Kansas Medical Center, Executive Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Award (annual award granted to one faculty member who has demonstrated commitment to diversity; received for work with KPHLI health disparity projects and MPH cultural competency teaching)


KPHA State Researcher Poster Award (statewide award for best presentation of research in poster format; received for “Interest survey for yoga as a complementary treatment in addiction”)


KPHA State Student Poster Award (co-author) (statewide award for best presentation of student research in poster format; received for “To cut or not to cut? Immigrants vs. non-immigrants: attitudes toward and practices of routine male circumcision in the United States”)


Victor Valley College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame (annual college-wide peer-reviewed award given to one alumnus for lifetime achievement; received for research into health disparity populations and work as Wichita site director of KUSM-W Master of Public Health program, ranked 6th best community health program nationwide by U.S. News and World Report)


International Association of Business Leaders


Samuel J. Crumbine Medal (highest award from Kansas Public Health Association; awarded for meritorious service and national recognition in public health workforce development)


KPHA State Researcher Poster Award (received for “Using a leadership framework to increase competencies in interprofessional education and practice”)


American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year award, Community/Public Health Category—2nd place (Rural Public Health: Best Practices and Preventive Models)


Nominated, CPH Rodenburg Award for Excellence in Teaching (Spring)


Professor Incentive Review (PIR) Awarded for continued scholarly achievements at the rank of Professor over the past 5 years.


Wichita State University College of Health Professions Excellence in Research Award


Faculty Mentor to 2018 Community Impact Award winner, WSU Service Learning Showcase


Principal Investigator


Title of Grant

Funding Source

Direct Costs



Hawley SR, Ablah E


Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response





This project provided culturally competent emergency preparedness education and training to state-employed public health leaders. Deliverables included a two-module online cultural competency course available nationally through the Kansas TRAIN learning management system.

Hauser WA

Paschal AM, Hawley SR, Ablah E

Prevalence of Epilepsy in Rural Kansas

CDC (Grant # MM-1002-07/07)




This study determined the prevalence of epilepsy in rural Kansas, examined the extent to which disparities in SES play a role in help-seeking behaviors, and explored how epilepsy affects quality of life. This was the first epilepsy prevalence study conducted with a high poverty, predominantly white rural population.

Hawley SR


Kansas Public Health Leadership

KHF (Grant # 200701008-05)




A continuation of the work of KHF grant 200203003-1. This project provided a year-long competency-based training program for Kansas public health leaders. As a result of the program, participants created applied capstone projects that addressed a health need in the state, and demonstrated significantly increased public health core and leadership competencies.

Hawley SR


MPH Student Scholarships

KHF (Grant # 200205004)




This project provided scholarship funds for local and state public health practitioners to complete an MPH degree.

Hawley SR, Wright K, Tall Chief V


Kansas Missouri Oklahoma Regional Leadership Institute

CDC (Grant # 1U14WC000109-01)




This project established a regional network of state-based leadership institutes for the development of leadership knowledge and competencies for public health professionals. Deliverables included shared training activities, competency assessments, and development of regional training materials for participants.

Hawley SR


MPH Scholarships and Visiting Professor Grand Rounds

Earl L. Mills Educational Trust




This project provided funding to support MPH scholarships and expenses related to Visiting Professor Grand Rounds for the KU-MPH program.

Johnston J

Hawley SR

Self-Care Training and Evaluation

United Methodist Health Ministry Fund




The purpose of this project was to engage clergy, staff, and spouses of Kansas United Methodist churches in self-care and leadership workshops and follow-up activities to encourage healthy lifestyles and build leadership capacity, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Lindeman DP (Hawley SR, subcontract PI)

Ablah E, Paschal AM

Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities among Children with Epilepsy in Rural Populations

AUCD-NCBDD Cooperative Agreement (Grant # AUCD RTOI 2008-01-01)

$1,050,000 (subcontract $549,506)



This project assessed the prevalence of epilepsy and secondary disabilities among children in a low-income rural setting. This information is important for policy makers and health care, education, and mental health providers that serve these children in identifying risk factors and planning and providing appropriate services.

Hawley SR


Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute

KHF (Grant # 200701008-05A)




A continuation of KHF grant 200203003-1/200701008-05, this project provided year-long competency based leadership training for Kansas public health leaders. As a result of the program, participants created applied capstone projects and also demonstrated significantly increased public health core and leadership competencies.

Wright K (Hawley SR, subcontract PI)


Public Health Workforce Development





This project provided support for Kansas public health workforce and leadership development programs through a partnership with a federally-funded Public Health Training Center.

Hawley SR

Frazee L

Orr S

Kansas Core Public Health Program & Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute

Kansas Association of Local Health Departments/KHF/ KDHE




This project provided funding for 2 projects: 1)  the Kansas Core Public Health Program (CPH), an essential services-based year-long training program for state and local public health workers new to the field of public health. I was the Co-Director. 2) Kansas Public Health Leadership Institute (KPHLI), a one-year competency-based leadership institute for diverse public health leaders. I served as the Co-Executive Director for KPHLI.

Nelson E-L

Hawley SR

Improving Access to Care for Children and Youth with Epilepsy





This project provided pediatric epilepsy training to rural health and school personnel through an existing telehealth network.

Klaus N

Nelson E-L, Davis A, Hawley SR, Barnard M, Cain SE, Warren M

Psychoeduc-ational Psychotherapy by Telemedicine for Children with Mood Disorders in Rural Kansas

Level III – Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education (WCGME)/Kansas Bioscience Authority (KBA) (KUMC Internal Funding)




The purpose of this project was to implement telemedicine-based therapy for children and their families to increase knowledge and skills in managing mood disorders.

Hawley SR


Planning Grant for Designing the Public Health Institute

KHF (Grant # #201101018-010)




This project identified a structure and process to target and prioritize workforce development to prepare the public health workforce for accreditation (and future re-accreditation).

Wright K

Hawley SR

Heartland Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center

CDC (Grant # TP10-1001)



Approved but not funded due to program cuts

This project was intended to establish a national preparedness learning center through a regional partnership between Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky to develop curricula and training focusing on emergency preparedness.

Wituk S

Hawley SR (leadership training consultant)

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Core Program

Veterans Health Administration National Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (10P4N)




This contract project provided support for public health workforce and leadership development training and facilitation for Health Education Coordinators within the national VA system.

Uden-Holman T

Hawley SR (Subcontract PI for Kansas)

Midwestern Public Health Training Center

HRSA (Grant # UB6HP27879)




This grant funds a Region 7 Public Health Training Center for public health workforce development and infrastructure improvement.

Choi W

Hawley SR, Cates M

Enhance Coordination among Academic Institutions

Kansas Health Foundation




A quantitative and qualitative assessment of 3 Kansas universities regarding student projects in public health practice settings in the past 5 years.

Colie-Akers V

Hawley SR, Choi W,

Cates M

Academic Practice Partnerships in Kansas





A quantitative and qualitative assessment of existing and potential collaborative relationships between academic universities and local health departments in Kansas.

Wituk S

Hawley SR


Title XIX Medicaid Contract for Technical Assistance, Training and Evaluation Services




Renewable & funded annually

Contract for technical assistance with 5% of my in-kind time for training and evaluation services.

Uden-Holman T

Hawley SR (Subcontract PI for Kansas)

Midwestern Public Health Training Center

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-18-017





This grant funds a Region 7 Public Health Training Center for public health workforce development and infrastructure improvement.