Prior to joining the Wichita State University family, Kevin Sylvester Harrison explored a variety of professional interests, including banking and finance, insurance and telecommunications. After graduating from Wichita State in 1994, Kevin went on tour following his dreams and passions of becoming a professional entertainer. Since returning, he has made various efforts to make positive impacts within the black community and the Wichita community at large. He has served on the board for the City of Wichita retirement planning team as appointed by previous city councilman George Rogers, as well as on the board for the Friends University Executive MBA team where he received his MBA in 2008. In Kevin’s current role as Community Engagement Coordinator for Dr. Marche’ Fleming-Randle, his responsibilities include creating projects and initiatives designed to embrace the community surrounding the university, and to assist Dr. Fleming-Randle in her efforts to continue growing the spirit of diversity and inclusion throughout all facets of campus life, and extend those efforts throughout the community. Kevin is a graduate of the Wichita State University’s doctoral program in Educational Leadership, where he pursued research interests in educational inequality and institutionalized racism.