Glenn has served the State of Kansas for over 37 years working as an employee at the University of Kansas before coming to Wichita State University, where he's worked in technology support and training for over 20 years. Glenn holds a Bachelor of General Studies degree from Wichita State University, Class of 1994.


Areas of Teaching Interest

Glenn has taught workshops in cosmology and mysticism through Wichita Free University.

Professional Experience

In addition to his work for the university, Glenn is a semi-professional photographer for American Rose Theatre and Amira's Dance Company.

Awards and Honors
  • President’s Distinguished Service Award recipient, Wichita State University, 2005 
  • Bender of Twigs recipient, Wichita State University, 2014 
  • Trio Recognition Award recipient, Wichita State University, 2015 
  • Multiple longevity and service recognition awards, including ones from Kansas Governors Kathleen Sebelius and Joan Finney 
Areas of Service
  • Wichita State Community Garden, contributor
  • 16 year volunteer and part-time employee of the Spiritual Life Center, Catholic Diocese of Wichita 
Other Interests
  • Interests include Classical and Flamenco guitar, art history, iconography and nature walks 
  • Before Covid, actively participated in multiple book clubs and reading groups 
Additional Information

"My fondest memories of WSU, besides conversing with our faculty, include studying under Paraguayan classical guitarist Sila Godoy, assisting mime artist Marcel Marceau, and contributing to the Jump!Star project with New York artist, George Ferrandi."