Alondra Aguilera serves as a tutor for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Wichita State University. She provides tutoring services for students actively involved in Promoting Academic Student Success, a program that facilitates the retention, academic success, holistic development and timely graduation of all underrepresented students at WSU, through academic support services, educational and cultural programming, interpersonal relationships and mentoring.

Alondra is currently majoring in Pre-K-12 Spanish and is capable of tutoring students in various subjects.

Subject Areas

Alondra can tutor in the following subject areas:

  • COMM111 - Public Speaking
  • ENGL101 - College English I
  • ENGL102 - College English II
  • ETHS360 - Dealing with Diversity
  • MUSC113 - Music in Context
  • MUSC127 - Theory I
  • MUSP211A - Orchestra
  • PSY111 - General Psychology
  • SPAN111 - Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN112 - Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN210 - Intermediate Spanish
  • SPAN220 - Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • SPAN221 - Spanish Grammar and Composition for Heritage Speakers
  • SPAN323 - Selected Spanish Readings