1. Opening Remarks
    Ahmet Oztekin, JAMS Program Manager; John Tomblin, CECAM Director
  2. Effects of Surface Contamination on Composite Bond Integrity and Durability

    Brian Hernandez, Florida International University

  3. Improving Adhesive Bonding of Composites through Surface Characterization
    Brian Flinn, University of Washington
  4. Certification by Analysis – Full Scale Ditching Analysis
    Gerardo Olivares/Luis Gomez, Wichita State University
  5. Bonded Aerospace Structures
    Lloyd Smith, Washington State University
  6. Fatigue Damage Growth Analysis of Composites under Variable Amplitude Fatigue
    Waruna Seneviratne, Wichita State University
  7. Guidelines for Formulating and Writing Process Control Documents (PCD) and Process Specifications for Advanced Materials
    Royal Lovingfoss, Wichita State University
  8. Environmental Durability Test Method Development for Composite Bonded Joints
    Zachary Sievert, University of Utah
  9. Guidelines for Characterization of Repair Materials
    Jeff Gilchrist, Wichita State University
  10. Standardization of Incandescent Ignition Source Detection Methodology for Composite Structure Lightning Testing
    Billy Martin and Alyssa Gonzalez, Wichita State University
  11. Impact Damage Tolerance Guidelines for Stiffened Composite Panels
    Francesco Lanza di Scalea, University of California-San Diego
  12. Damage Tolerance and Notch Sensitivity of Composite Sandwich Structures
    Dan Adams, University of Utah
  13. Effects of Moisture Diffusion in Sandwich Composites
    Rohith Jayaram, University of Washington
  14. An Engineering Approach for Damage Growth Analysis of Sandwich Structures Subjected to Combined Compression and Pressure Loading
    Vishnu Saseendran, Wichita State University
  15. Advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer Materials Guidelines for Aircraft Design Certification Process
    Rachael Andrulonis, Wichita State University
  16. Safety and Certification of Discontinuous Fiber Composite Structures
    Marco Salviato, University of Washington
  17. Adhesive Bond Process Qualification Protocol
    Upul Palliyaguru, Wichita State University
  18. Evaluation of Parameters used in Progressive Damage Models
    David Plechaty and John Parmigiani, Oregon State University
  19. Impact Damage Formation on Composite Aircraft Structures
    Hyonny Kim, University of California-San Diego
  20. Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing Guidelines for Aircraft Design and Certification
    Rachael Andrulonis, Wichita State University
  21. A Building Block Approach for Crashworthiness Testing of Composites
    Dalton Ostler, University of Utah
  22. Inspection and Teardown of Aged In-Service Bonded Repairs
    Brandon Saathoff, Wichita State University
  23. Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials Guidelines for Aircraft Design and Certification
    Matt Opliger, Wichita State University