Required Forms

Proposal Routing Forms: When budgets are approved by RTT, the PI must prepare and deliver a signed Proposal Routing Forms to RTT. Proposals cannot be submitted until this form is reviewed and approved by RTT’s Pre Award Director or Vice President for Research.

Cost Share/Match: All proposals that include cost share/match must include a letter in the form of an email or letter (on department/company letterhead) signed by the person authorized to commit resources. The letter should include specifically where the match is coming from and the amount. Individuals are urged to contact the Grant Development Specialists early when proposing a project that includes cost share/match as this involves additional administrative review/approval.

Indirects/F&A: Waiver authority of Indirects (F&A) is vested in the Vice President for Research. “Automatic” waivers are granted to those federal, state, and non-profit agency programs that have written guidelines on limitations of indirect cost rates, such as the 8% limitation on training grants for the U.S. Department of Education or the 10% limitation on the American Cancer Society’s grant programs.

Request for Waiver Form: Any waiver of Indirects should be discussed with a Grant Development Specialist early in the proposal development process.. Requests for waivers are initiated by the Principal Investigator/Project Director using the Request for Waiver form and are strongly encouraged to have a well thought out reason for such a request. The Vice President for Research will review the request and will determine to reject, modify, or approve it.