Ennovar Programs and Projects

Host Context Agent Project

This team is currently researching agent-less solutions to retrieve Host information, wherein a server and client can share/exchange information without the use of an agent. This will likely be the form of a script (JavaScript) that can be stored on a web server; allowing clients to download and execute, resutling in sharing/exchanging information about HBAs, OS etc. This can also be used to detect failures. Currently, auto agents have to be installed on both server and client for them to be able to share/exchange information.

Spark Project

Spark is a Web Application that helps improve NetApp product development processes by serving as a platform for Test Planning, Test Scoping and more. It has been integrated with ClearQuest, Rally, ALM and other NetApp Tools to better serve its purpose. At WSU, we help to develop some of the Web Interfaces and web services for Spark. We have built a rally plugin that can be used to manage (create, delete, update) Rally User-stories based on Test Strategies information at Spark. We have also extended some of the Rally Restful API, providing services like fetch "Accepted Plan Velocity" and additional historic user story information. As a research oriented team, we have experimented with cutting edge data visualization techniques like D3.js. A wide variety of technologies have been used within the team such as: html/css/javascript(AngularJS, Bootstrap, D3.js), PHP(phpunit), MSSql, git.

Automation Project

The goal of the ConfigBuilder project is to apply a configuration plan (config plan), which contains many settings for NetApp storage arrays, to a physical device with as little user interaction as possible. Currently, there are many different tools used to apply config plan data to an array, and it can take an engineer many hours to accomplish the task. This team works towards integrating some of those tools together to make the process of applying a config plan much easier, which will ultimately save engineers a significant amount of time. The ConfigBuilder project is written in Java code, and currently will interact with the user behind a RESTful web service.

Workload Capture & Replay Project

SMASH is a command-line tool used to transfer data to/from a disk array. Smash operates as a multi-threaded application program, using both normal application program interfaces and low-level SCSI CDBs to drive I/O to a list of one or more target devices or files. Several threads serve as monitors, and at least one I/O thread will be driving data transfers to and from target devices.

The Workload Capture (WLC) feature provides a mechanism to monitor the characteristics and performance attributes of workloads processed by E-series controller firmware. A functionality that is lacking from the Workload Replay tool is its ability to check for data integrity. The intent of this project is to enhance the current Workload Replay tool to include data verification capability. The Workload Replay tool takes a workload that was captured by the Workload Capture tool, and reproduces the captured workload to test on different configurations.

Decibel Project

This team is developing new sound dampening technology to improve acoustic system performance involving research in sound damping technologies, digital signal processing, analog circuit design, mechanical system design and network equipment acoustic testing.

Solutions Reference Architecture Testing Project

Install, configure, and run business solution testing lab to gather results data. Ensure solutions and testing environment is set up per agreed upon plan and all resulting data is accurate. Business solution testing environments include: Exchange 2013, SQL server, SAP, SAS, video security and surveillance.

Marketing Materials, Training, and Sales Enablement Tool Development Project

Develop technical white papers, best practices guides, training, and sales enable tools from the data resulting from solutions reference architecture testing.

Field Marketing Program Management Project

Coordinate marketing programs and events to support sales team.

Frontend Platform Development & QA Testing Project

Develop and test the front end for a big data software platform.

User-generated Content Marketing Project

Develop user-generated content to support the new opening of Fireshark Gaming.