Ennovar Student Employees

Ennovar Student Employee

Students are involved in many different types of projects such as front-end web application development for big data sets, hardware design, automation tool development, solution reference architecture testing and product implementation and go-to-market strategies -- taking products from the research and development stage all the way through the pathway to market.

Students working at Ennovar at Wichita State University work on real-world projects with industry partners and also connect the value of their experiences and learn how to incorporate it into their resume; how to work in a collaborative team environment; to understand business ethics and acumen; and how to use resources available from campus organizations like Career Services and the Office of Research and Technology Transfer to apply their skills in the workforce.

Leon XuLeon Xu

Xinghuang (Leon) Xu is a first year graduate student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. He is currently a graduate research assistant for the Ennovar-NetApp team. After graduating from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he worked for NetApp as a full-time engineer for one year. He worked on the Spark project when he was a student intern at NetApp and will continue to work on this project while at Ennovar. Outside of work and study, he is interesting in sports, reading, and movies.

Tochukwu UzokweTochukwu Uzokwe

Tochukwu, commonly called Tochi, is an Electrical Engineering student at Wichita State in his junior year. Tochi currently works for the Ennovar-NetApp team as an engineer on the Host Context Agent project. He previously worked as a customer support engineer for the Advanced Networking Research Institute (ANRI) in a collaboration with Cisco Systems. Tochi assisted customers with configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco's small business devices. Outside of work, Tochi is a member of the National Society for Black Engineers on campus, member of the Nigerian Student Association, and also the President and captain of the Wichita State Soccer club team. Tochi enjoys playing soccer, listening to music and spending time with friends.

Srinivas JojigiriSrinivas Jojigiri

Srinivas is an Electrical Engineering Graduate student at Wichita State. During his time at Wichita State, Srinivas has researched Multi-core System Programming, Linear Systems, and 5g Wireless Communication. Jojigiri is interested in programming, computer vision, parallel computing, and artificial intelligence. Srinivas is presently working at ATAI as a Student Assistant. Prior to joining ATAI, Srinivas worked in India for CMC Limited on image processing and parallel computing (gpu) as a major aspect of a Research and Development Team.

LaRissa LawrieLaRissa Lawrie

LaRissa is a transfer Sophomore Communications student at Wichita State. Lawrie currently works as Technical Marketing Assistant at Ennovar. Prior to joining Ennovar, Lawrie worked as an Editor-in-Chief of the Bethany College student newspaper and a publications assistant. Outside of work, Lawrie is president of The Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, and a reporter for the Wichita State Sunflower. Lawrie enjoys taking pictures, enjoying a good cup of coffee, and taking her dog for walks.

Jacob KlitzkeJacob Klitzke

Jacob is a Sophomore Computer Engineering student at Wichita State. During his time at Wichita State, Klitzke has studied C Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Circuits. Klitzke currently works on the Ennovar-NetApp Automation team as a student engineer. Prior to joining Ennovar, Klitzke worked for the Advanced Networking Research Institute in conjunction with Cisco on the Small Business Video Team and Small Business Content Development Team. Outside of work, Klitzke is an executive officer of the Engineering Council on campus, member of the Dean's Scholar program, and volunteer at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Klitzke enjoys playing tennis, bowling, and watching epic movies franchises.

Ayman AliAyman Ali

Ayman is a graduate student at Wichita State. He had his bachelor degree from Riyadh College of Technology (RCT), Saudi Arabia. During his time at RCT, Ali has studied C Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Circuits. Ali currently works on the Ennovar-NetApp Spark project team as a software developer. Prior to joining Ennovar, Ali worked as a director of Admission and Registration in TVTC, Saudi Arabia. During his work he has helped to develop and analysis the Student Information System in TVTC. Outside of work, Ali is a father and software development freelancer. Ali enjoys spending time with his children, playing badminton, and watching movies.

Avinash GarikiAvinash Gariki

Avinash Gariki is a Graduate student in the department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Wichita State University. Avinash obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in 2014 from GITAM University, India after which he moved to the USA to pursue his masters in Industrial Engineering. He is currently working as a research assistant on the Ennovar-NetApp DecibelTeam. His areas of interest include Quality Control, Optimization Techniques, Process Planning and Control and Supply Chain Management. Outside of work, Avinash is a photographer and fitness enthusiast. Avinash also enjoys traveling, socializing, and playing soccer.

Andrew MayfieldAndrew Mayfield

Andrew is a Junior Computer Science Engineering student at Wichita State University. While at WSU, Andrew has taken C Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Assembly Language Programming among other engineering related courses. Andrew currently works as a student engineer on the Ennovar-NetApp Automation team. Before joining the WSU Automation team, Andrew worked for the Advanced Networking Research Institute with Cisco on the Small Business Content Development Team. Aside from working with NetApp and taking classes at WSU, Andrew is also the Vice-President of the Engineering Council and a member of the Dean's Scholar, Wallace Scholar, and Student Ambassador Society organizations on campus. Outside of WSU, Andrew enjoys volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society and playing tennis, ping-pong, and video games with his friends.

Alicia KeowAlicia Keow

Alicia is a sophomore Electric Engineering student at Wichita State University. She was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and came to the United States to further her studies in the field of Electrical Engineering. She works at Ennovar as a student research assistant and is currently working on the NetApp Host Context Agent team. She is actively involved with The Mission, an International Collegiate Church that meets on campus. Alicia is also a member of Chi Alpha International Campus Ministry. During her free time, she enjoys relaxing at home, watching videos and movies online, and trying out different foods around Wichita.