In 2017, our clients won 2,497 government prime contracts and subcontracts worth $154,020,534!

What Did Kansas PTAC Do?

  • We served 474 businesses across Kansas. We provided counseling, instruction, and bid opportunities to representatives of each of these firms.
  • We conducted seminars and participated in 33 events statewide where more than 1,081 business people received instruction on how to effectively compete for government contracts.
  • Our staff conducted 1,195 counseling sessions with Kansas-based small and large businesses.
  • Using economic standards, Kansas PTAC activities created or retained 1,925 jobs!

Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit:

  • Sign up for one of our free instructional seminars or contact us for an appointment. We will get you registered as a client and thereby benefit from our complete range of services.
  • We maintain offices in various locations throughout the state.