Customized Training

  • You are unique.

  • Your employees are unique.
  • Your business is unique.
  • Training to support your business success should also be unique.

Our advisors will meet with you to discuss the specifics of your business and identify training areas that will move your business forward. We will develop training specifically for you and your employees.

Can we develop training that will make a difference to your business? It is free to find out how we can help. Details about some of our training areas follow. Call us at 316-978-3193 for a free assessment and pricing information.

Customized Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

What will it take for your business to succeed during the next few years?
Do you need to add additional target markets to your marketing strategy? Do you need to change your pricing? Should you add staff? Are you positioned for the future? Do all of your staff members understand your business goals and direction? A strategic planning process can help you sharpen your focus and help you take action now to increase your profit.

We will customize a strategic planning process for you. Components usually include the following:

  • initial discussions about your current situation and your vision for the future
  • a walk-through of your site so that we can better understand your operations prior to facilitated strategic planning sessions
  • a confidential industry/financial analysis of your company
    We will enter your financial data into ProfitCents™ and generate a detailed assessment of your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses. ProfitCents™ looks at six different metrics: Liquidity, Profits & Profit Margin, Sales, Borrowing, Assets, and Employees. You will receive a report card showing how you are doing in each area.
  • market research
    We will order a market research report from our national organization to address your needs. Reports can include demographic information such as research by city boundaries, county line, census tracts, block groups or zip codes, consumer expenditure reports, competitor maps, ring studies and drive time analysis. We can also order reports on retail sales, customer profile, and industry trends.
  • facilitated strategic planning sessions
    We will facilitate sessions with you and your staff members. A format of two, half-day sessions is typical, but we will adjust to fit your needs. The process will include a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis or a Value Chain Analysis depending upon your needs. We will conduct facilitated sessions at your site or in our facility at the WSU Metropolitan Complex as you choose.
  • comprehensive written report with plan of action mapping selected strategies to conclude the process

Is our strategic planning process effective? Our participants think so.

"Being in a successful business today requires vision, insight and strategy. Alan helped clarify that path to success. The KSBDC’s Strategic Planning process assisted us in visualizing the strategy needed to reach our goals. We have 100% appreciation for their commitment to our success.”
Eric Fisher, Owner
Eric Fisher Academy, Eric Fisher Salon, and Prosper U

"We all agree that the Strategic Planning Process has been successful based on the leadership Alan Badgley provided. Defining the Leadership roles, Strengths and Weaknesses of the business, Opportunities to pursue, and the Threats associated with a positive path forward gave our team focus on today and the future."
Stan Unruh, Owner / President
Leading Edge Aerospace, LLC

“When KSBDC came to us they provided the assistance we needed to understand the reality of our expectations through a Strategic Planning process that helped expose the things we needed to focus our efforts on and to have a better understanding of what we needed to do to have a sustaining plan for stable and long term profitable growth which we believe we are well on our way to realizing.”
David Cool, Owner
Clearwater Engineering

 “WSU KSBDC has been extremely helpful to our organization, A Box 4 U. We contacted them because we thought they might have some ideas to help our business. But, we never dreamed they would have as many resources as they have provided to us. Frank Choriego has provided us excellent personal service, starting with being a facilitator for two strategic planning sessions and continuing with communication about our needs on a frequent basis as we have been growing rapidly. That growth has been managed smoothly, largely due to the efforts of Frank and the people he has brought to us providing expertise in many areas. Making that first phone call to WSU KSBDC was one of the smartest things we have done.”
Jeff Lange, Owner

Customized Sales Training

What needs to happen for your sales team to close more deals?

We will help you assess the skills of your sales team and develop training to improve their effectiveness. We will work with you to increase marketing and sales awareness throughout your organization so that everyone works to make the sale. The training package that we develop for you might include:

  • cold calling techniques
  • survey and sampling tool development
  • identifying customer needs
  • consulting sales techniques
  • network development
  • relationship sales
  • lead generation
  • sales closing techniques
  • techniques for maximizing sales through your customer service department
    The Kansas Small Business Development Center at Wichita State University is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.