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Our KSBDC Virtual Advisor Training Program offers in-depth strategies, tools, processes and solutions that can help you start, grow and manage your business.

You may choose from 26 courses in three areas. Workshops are also offered in Spanish.

KSBDC Virtual Advisor

Starting Your Business
Developing a Business Plan
Conducting a Marketing Analysis
Analyze your Competition
Targeting Your Market
Maintaining an Agile Company
Creating a Competitive Advantage
Creating a Strategic Plan
Determining Your Business Legal Structure
Protecting Your Business with Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

Managing Your Finances
Preparing a Cash Budget
Preparing a Balance Sheet
Managing Your Cash Flow
Running a Profitable Company
Creating a Profit and Loss Statement
Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
Protecting Your Business with Contracts
Assessing Your Company's Financial Needs
Partners and Investors
Valuing a Business

Foundations of Marketing
Pricing Products and Services
Building Your Brand
Promoting Your Business
Advertising Your Business
Building a Web Site
Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
Identifying Your Sales Strategy

Spanish Now Available!
La publicidad de su negocio
El mantenimiento de una empresa ágil
Analice su competencia
Preparar una Hoja de Balance
La construcción de su marca
La elaboración de un Plan de Negocios
Preparación de un Presupuesto de caja
Administrar el flujo de caja
Creación de una Ventaja Competitiva
Su evaluación de las necesidades financieras de la empresa
La realización de un Análisis del Mercado
Socios e inversionistas

Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
Precios de Productos y Servicios
Correr en una empresa rentable
La creación de un Estado de Pérdidas y Ganancias
La promoción de su negocio

Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
La identificación de su estrategia de ventas
Creación de un Plan Estratégico

Targeting Your Market
La valoración de un negocio
La construcción de un sitio Web