Cash Reimbursements Under $25.00

There are two ways to be reimbursed for expenses that do not exceed $25.00.

1. If the amount of reimbursement request is over $5.01, an Invoice Control Document (ICD), accompanied by receipt(s), can be completed and submitted to Purchasing. This method will require a longer wait time and consists of more steps resulting in a check being generated to the recipient.

2. All amounts under $25.00 can be submitted using the Cash Reimbursement Request form which should be presented to Accounts Receivable along with receipts to support the transaction. This method is more cost effective as it does not require the University to generate a check and the turn-around time is immediate. If the individual submitting the expense for reimbursement is already on campus, they have the convenience of taking their request directly to Accounts Receivable which is located in Room 201 of Jardine Hall.

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This process for cash reimbursement method cannot be used for various types of transactions that are considered 1099 reportable (e.g. gift cards or services rendered). For general 1099 inquiries, contact Teresa Moore at (316) 978-3070.

For other questions and/or assistance contact Accounts Receivable: email or phone (316) 978-3070.