3rd Party Billings to Non-University Customers

To maximize the University's cash flow through the timely collection of receivables; minimize exposure from uncollectible receivables; and to increase the integrity of the financial statements through consolidation of receivables and revenues.

Amounts due Wichita State University for sales of goods or services to non-University customers, including sponsors of University research. An account receivable is created upon the shipment of a product, rendering of a service, or satisfaction of a performance step as outlined in an agreement. An account receivable may be due or not yet due; a receivable that is due is a claim against a customer that the University has the right to collect at the present time.

Third parties may include, but are not limited to, federal and state agencies, corporations, employers, school districts, trade unions, foundations, tribes, clubs, charitable organizations, and foreign governments.


The actual collection of account receivables to non-University customers will be handled by the Accounts Receivable department with assistance from the generating department. If not resolved in a specified time period (30 days), the collection may be referred to collection agencies. Amounts deemed uncollectible after all reasonable collection efforts have been taken will be written-off to a department which means the actual removal (debit transaction) of an amount from the department's general ledger. Student accounts receivables are handled separately from this process.

Requirements (departments):

Departments are responsible for generating accurate and timely billings.
  1. Prepare invoice (do not mail to non-University customer).
  2. Complete 3rd Party Interfund Billing Form (see below under Form).
    • Who are you billing?
    • What is your invoice number and description?
    • Identify your department with mail address and POC
    • Provide Banner fund, org, and account

Forward invoice and 3rd Party Interfund Billing Form to Accounts Receivable via email at wsu3rdparty@wichita.edu.


3rd Party Interfund Billing Form