Frequenty Asked Questions

What is University Support Staff (USS)?
The move to the University Support Staff (USS) system would allow the university to make its own decisions in several important areas of classified employment which are currently legislated by the state including pay increases. Those classified staff employees whose positions are converted shall retain all heath and flexible benefits, leave and retirement benefits provided to them under that state civil service system, and the implementation of a plan shall not cause a salary reduction or layoff of any classified employee under law. For more information please visit Kansas Statutes Online or view the PDF document.

When can I make my voice heard?
The ASC plans to host a number of "Town Hall" style meetings starting in mid November 2013. Please visit the calendar section of this website for more information. Dates will also be communicated via employee email, campus mail, and other appropriate outlets shortly.

When will I be able to vote on this issue?
The ASC's goal is to have a vote in April 2014.

How was this committee formed?
Human Resources pulled a diverse list of employees for President Bardo and Vice President Herrin to review. Those listed were then contacted via email and campus mail to see if they were interested in donating their time for the committee. Committee leadership was determined by the 15 voting members of the ASC.

What are "White Papers?"
A white paper is an authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Will classified employees get a salary inclrease if they become USS?
There is no guarantee that a salary increase will be allocated if the vote passes, as those decisions are based on the availability of budgetary funds, which is unpredictable.

Will Faculty Senate represent USS?
No, Faculty Senate will not represent USS.

Is Alternative Service the same term as University Support Staff?
No. Alternative Service is the name of the university committee that has been charged with researching and recommending enhancements of employment for classified employees by providing an option to move out of the State Civil Service, under the provision of statute 76-715A.