Alternative Service Committee Roster

Executive Committee

Randy Sessions (Telecommunications Services), Chair
Angela Linder (Office of Financial Aid), Assistant Chair
Jeanne Patton (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Secretary
Emily Stephens (Vice President for Administration & Finance), Marketing & Communication

Classified Committee Members

Brenda Achey (Fine Arts Dean’s Office)
Sheila Bates (Physical Plant)
Darryl Carrington (Physical Plant)
Bryan Carter (Physical Plant)
Matt Clatfelter (Central Energy Plant)
Renea Goforth (School of Performing Arts)
Wanda Holt (Counseling & Testing Center)
Shirley Lewis (Housing & Residence Life)
Maria Lucas (Ed-Ronald E. McNair Program)
Robbie Norton (Financial Operations)
Stacy Salters (Alumni Office)
Stephanie Sauls (Ablah Library)
Hercilia Thompson (TRIO Programs Support)
Micah Thompson (Office of Human Resources)

Ex-Officio Members

Ellen Abbey (Vice President for Administration & Finance)
Katie Austin (Housing & Residence Life)
Michelle Barger (Registrar’s Office)
Frankie Brown (Office of Human Resources)
Mary Herrin (Vice President for Administration & Finance)
Matthew Johnston (Office of Human Resources)
Joe Kleinsasser (University Relations)
Cheryl Miller (Liberal Arts Dean’s Office)
Sheryl Propst (Office of Human Resources)

The executive committee and classified committee members are voting members of the Alternative Service Committee. All ex-officio members are non-voting committee members.

The Alternative Service Committee (ASC) was formed to develop a proposal for classified employees to decide if they want to convert to University Support Staff (USS) employees or to continue as State Civil Service employees. The move to the University Support Staff system would allow the university to make its own decisions in several important areas of classified employment which are currently legislated by the state including pay increases. Those classified staff employees whose positions are converted shall retain all health and flexible benefits, leave and retirement benefits provided to them under the state civil service system, and the implementation of a plan shall not cause a salary reduction or layoff of any classified employee under the law. To view the Kansas statute, please click here.

This committee is comprised of a group of Wichita State University employees whose charge will be to research and recommend enhancement of employment for classified employees by providing an option to move out of the State Civil Service system. The ASC will develop a proposal (plan) for a new system of administration for employment for classified positions.

The ASC will prepare white papers to describe the proposal that covers the different areas of employment that can be changed under USS including compensation, discipline/protection system, performance review, layoffs and furloughs.

Information meetings will soon be announced so all classified employees may have the opportunity to review the information and make an educated vote in spring 2014.