Accounts Payable & Travel Staff

Kristie Courtney

Accounts Payable and Tax Manager

Penny Post

  • Correction Request
  • Inter-Organizational Transfer Document (IOTD)
  • Non-Construction Contract Payments
  • Greenphire

Robin Lacy

  • Audit Business Procurement Card
  • Construction Contract Payments
  • Process Payments for Purchase Orders
  • Vendor Statements
  • Wire Payments

Linda Hayes, Shanda Hernandez

  • Invoice Control Document (ICD) Payments
  • Vendor Payment Inquiries
  • Vendor Payment Maintenance (Re-issues and Cancellations)
  • Vendor Statements

Mark Kahabka-Munz

  • Document Imaging
  • Vendor Banking Information - DA-130
  • Vendor Setup W-9
  • WSU Employee Travel Reimbursement Direct Deposit Setup

Michelle White, Tammy Clevenger

  • Audit Business Procurement Card
  • Audit WSU Travel Documents
  • Training for Travel and Chrome River
  • Travel Payment Inquiries