The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary team made up of members from across campus, which helps to bring the full picture of every situation into focus. The team meets on a weekly basis. Click on the team members' names below to learn more about them and see what they bring to the team.

Alicia Newell, Chair | Assessment & Retention

Alicia Newell

Assistant Vice President, Assessment & Retention
(316) 978-6105

If you don't think Alicia loves being a Shocker, then you haven't seen her office. As chair of the CARE Team, Alicia brings a big heart, a warm personality and a lot of campus knowledge to her work. She also has a Master's degree in student affairs, and is currently working on a doctorate in educational psychology. In her rare free time, Alicia can be found taking her daughter to her myriad sport practices and games and sneezing the entire time.

Aaron Austin, Ed.D. | Dean of Students

Aaron Austin

Dean of Students
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
(316) 978-5483

Aaron Austin has a doctorate in postsecondary and higher education, and wrote his dissertation on black male undergraduate achievement utilizing an anti-deficit framework. Aaron oversees Student Involvement, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Housing & Residence Life. Outside of work, Aaron can be found teaching his daughter to love Prince.

Camille Childers, BSN, RN | Student Health Services

Camille Childers

Director, Student Health Services
(316) 978-4792

As a registered nurse and director of Student Health Services, Camille is the team's resident medical expert and offers insight into the medical system.

Rodney Clark | WSU Police Department

Rodney Clark

Chief, WSU Police Department
(316) 978-5520

Rodney provides resources pertaining to law enforcement and safety, and acts as one of the CARE Team's liaisons to University, Wichita, State and Federal law enforcement.

Linnea GlenMaye, Ph.D. | Academic Affairs

Linnea GlenMaye

Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
(316) 978-5054

Linnea helps to bridge Student Affairs and Academic Affairs by connecting the CARE Team with relevant resources on the academic side of campus.

Tara Hanna | Assessment & Retention

Tara Hanna

Student Services Coordinator, Assessment & Retention
(316) 978-3712

Tara is a Wichita native with a Master's degree in social work from WSU and a Bachelor's in psychology from KU. Areas that interest her include adolescent/young adult mental health, juvenile justice, criminal justice reform, and social worker attrition and retention. When she's not at work, Tara can be found spending time with her husband, her two sons, her bunny and/or her big dog (named for David Bowie).

Corey Herl | WSU Police Department

Corey Herl

Operations Captain, WSU Police Department
(316) 978-5528

Corey provides resources pertaining to law enforcement and safety, and acts as one of the CARE Team's liaisons to University, Wichita, State and Federal law enforcement. He is also known as the lip-syncing guy.

Scott Jensen | Associate Dean of Students

Scott Jensen

Associate Dean of Students
(316) 978-6612

Scott offers insight and resources pertaining to the areas he oversees, which are Housing & Residence Life and Student Conduct & Community Standards.

Christopher Leonard, Psy.D. | Counseling & Prevention Services

Christopher Leonard

Associate Director, Counseling & Prevention Services
(316) 978-4792

As a licensed psychologist and campus counselor, Chris provides insight into mental health conditions and resources, in addition to providing services to students. Chris is the original "Doctor Suspenders."

Nancy Loosle | Student Involvement

Nancy Loosle

Assistant Dean of Students
Director, Student Involvement
(316) 978-7015

As director of Student Involvement, Nancy brings her extensive knowledge of student organizations, Greek Life, SGA and student activities.

Isabel Medina Keiser | Office of Disability Services

Isabel Medina Keiser

Director, Office of Disability Services
(316) 978-6970

Isabel oversees the Office of Disability Services and provides information on disabilities as well as resources available to students to accommodate their needs.

Jessica Provines, Ph.D. | Wellness | Counseling & Prevention Services

Jessica Provines

Assistant Vice President, Wellness
Director, Counseling & Prevention Services

As a licensed psychologist and campus counselor, Jessica provides insight into mental health conditions and resources, in addition to providing services to students. Jessica is one of the brains behind the original WSUWeSupportU campaign.

Ashlyn Riley | Assessment & Retention

Ashlyn Riley

Student Services Coordinator, Assessment and Retention
(316) 978-6122

Ashlyn is a Wichita native with a Master's degree in aging studies, Bachelor's degrees in sociology and psychology, and previous work experience with COMCARE Crisis Center. When students have questions, she can get them connected with the resources they need, whether on campus or in Wichita. When not at work or a nerdy convention, Ashlyn loves to spend time with her family and her dog, Piper.

Guy Schroeder | University Police Department

Captain, University Police Department
(316) 978-5532

Guy provides resources pertaining to law enforcement and safety, and acts as one of the CARE Team's liaisons to University, Wichita, State and Federal law enforcement. He is also a vocal advocate for the Shocker Support Locker and has organized multiple donation drives.

Rebeca Serrano | Assessment & Retention

Rebeca Serrano

Administrative Specialist, Assessment & Retention

Rebeca provides administrative support to the CARE Team by scheduling appointments, taking calls and facilitating meetings.

With over 31 years of teaching experience that covers everything from kindergarten to higher education, public and private sectors, as well as both domestically and internationally, Rebeca brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding cultures, the value of education and the importance of solid support for university students.

As a recipient of the Kansas Women of Distinction Award, Rebeca has been known to spearhead and launch successful drives not only in education, but also in services to the community. Rebeca’s drive to help others earned her an Achiever of the Year Award for bridging non-profit organizations with business entities in service of county and city goals, benefiting their respective communities.

Rebeca’s innate compassion, empathy and belief in people make up her platform that every single person matters and can make a difference by taking time out of their day to listen. She believes in the importance of taking time to help students reach their potential today, for they will be our leaders tomorrow — ones that are strong, caring, compassionate, accountable and responsible Thinkers and Doers ready for whatever the future may bring.

So, when you walk into her office, she is ready to put everything down, focus on you and listen with a smile and a caring heart.

Vaughn Sweet | Assessment & Retention

Vaughn Sweet

Student Services Coordinator/Advocate, Assessment & Retention
(316) 978-2017

Vaughn graduated from WSU with a Master's degree in educational counseling. Previously she has worked as both a preschool teacher and a parole officer, and brings her unique perspective to the table when connecting students to resources to meet their needs and reach their goals.

Christine Taylor | Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance

Christine Taylor

Director, Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance
(316) 978-3205

Christine offers insight into the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance, which serves to protect members of the campus community from civil rights violations and discrimination, including discrimination based in sex, gender, gender presentation, race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Kyle Wilson | Student Conduct & Community Standards

Kyle Wilson

Associate Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards
(316) 978-6681

Kyle oversees the office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, which is responsible for protecting the rights, safety, and well-being of members of the campus learning, working, and living environment. Kyle offers insight into the conduct and academic integrity processes, and manages Maxient, the database used by CARE Team. He also really likes Disney.